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  1. There is or was one for sale on yachtworld a while back. It was out of bayview. Im to lazy to look, or care to see how it did in mac races or other regatta's.
  2. Interesting place to mount the radar.
  3. Right out of the playbook, call them a racist....what a tool.
  4. Racist?.. yea right, just giving my opinion and pointing out what's going on. Look who just played the race card.. they always do
  5. Got both my shots too... no issues with me on having a " vaccine passport " sounds like a good idea to me. Just like having to have a photo I D or voter registration # to be able to vote. Why is that so difficult an Democrats up in arms about that and crying jim crow. They seem to think blacks are so incompetent they cant do the minimum required to vote. Getting a vaccine passport now too? good lordy, how will they manage that?
  6. I wonder how the African Americans & illegal immigrants are going to be able to get a vaccine passport if required? Democrats have have turned the GA voter ID it into a race issue that there not intelligent enough to get one of those.
  7. Aboveground tank outside or in basement? If outside, then driver had to be standing next it to fill (or in cab staying warm not paying attention). Is the leak point on the tank at the very bottom or is it at an higher point on the tank? And how bad of leak is it ? Dripping out over time or pouring out?
  8. Just out of curiosity, what's the diameter of your spin pole? Half tonner/30' correct?
  9. On the youk end redrill a new hole over a half inch and move the pin over. You can maybe get enough threads on the threaded stud then to tighten the lifeline up enough to your satisfaction. Then just cut off and clean up the two taps of the youk.
  10. Part F... Male adapter × Male NPT https://www.camlockdirect.com/plastic-1-1/4-male-camlock-x-1-1/4-male-npt-usa
  11. I've always heard two clicks is the rule of thumb. Meaning customers want to find what they're looking for in two clicks or they get frustrated with the site, have a poor opinion of it and look for others that are easier/ quicker.
  12. I think I have one. Where are you located ?
  13. Seems like your boat coming from Lake Michigan would have a #3 & #2 with proper leads to adjus vs the j105 jib you used ?
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