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  1. Here is "Swampfire" sitting in a field needing some serious TLC in S Louisiana
  2. https://neworleans.craigslist.org/boa/d/14-ft-lindo-sailboat/6689042162.html
  3. yea we had a deal with a hammer mill who would come get our part trimmings, pulverize it and sell it to add into road bed mix I just learned last evening that there is a company north of Toronto that runs old boats thru what I can only imagine is a kind of wood chipper. Apparently they make fibreglass flakes that are laid down as an insulating layer prior to pouring basement floors. Jayzuss - at the price of old boats today I hope that doesn't catch on - there won't be any left and we'll all be sailing BeneHuntaLinas.
  4. I like where they weigh the deck part before they trim it, really reliable and repeatable.
  5. there was an ugly boat thread on here years ago (before you had to register) that had a great collection of winners.
  6. Never mind. Found them... Bump diddy ump ump. umpbay
  7. A good friend of mine Doug Black was the captain of "Condor" back in the late 70's. He was bringing the boat around from St Pete to Ft. Lauderdale and had a cute bird on deck driving while he took a catnap.. He was laying there in a half-daze when he heard her say "where did the stars go?" Before he could get on deck they T-boned a freighter at 9/5 knots. Crushed the bow 10 feet in. Lucky they didnt' sink.
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