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  1. The old Elliott is sailing in not very windy Wellington received_500416947865278.mp4
  2. Wow Slingsbys ego will be shattered
  3. The upwind sails are in good nick actually they will do a year or two. Do need some fractional downwind gear it's all big stuff and being in Wellington will need some little gear
  4. The old HA now Rascal is in NZ water looking for a shake down next week
  5. You know what ? You can love the AC and enjoy Sail GP for what it is. It isn't the AC but it's still good to watch it doesn't have to be either or both are good IMO sail GP fills a gap
  6. In the promo video before the racing. It is there it is just cringey The line between Confidence and Arrogance was well crossed no one has ever came out with that statement
  7. Should not have said it out loud sheesh. BA doesn't say "I am the greatest Olympic sailor " it's a massive call from TS not endearing at all
  8. Doesn't matter he is now a specialist SGP sailor that's all he does. No one has ever said those words out loud "I am the best sailor in the world" ever before its a new level of arrogance. Has lost all respect from me I think he's a dick now
  9. Yeah mate it's really cringey
  10. Jesus that interview with Slingsby "I'm the best sailor in the world" GTFO who says that shit
  11. Hating the Km per hour bollox
  12. It's one day they will be back to the top soon very early days. Don't be too quick to judge
  13. Crikey guys early days, don't be too quick to write of PB and BT they haven't sailed this boat much other teams have had a heap more experience in them. Sit back they will be back sheesh
  14. Cheers man come for a hoon sometime only a few weeks away. Rigs in now
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