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  1. She's getting a good birthday new paint and general tidy up inside it needed a bit of love. Had to change the name though will keep us updated here wont be long
  2. Old HA now up in it keel antifoul and rig to do
  3. I disagree completely NO and FB are completely entitled to enter a moth event and it should be encouraged. I bet every moth sailor learnt heaps everyone wants to sail against the best talent they can. Dennis Connor used to sail Ross 780s while in NZ it was epic for the class and everyone thought it was awesome having him there. He is on the cup its good for the sailors and the class.
  4. I dont see it as an attempt to curtail EB im sure they would be stoked with more entries. Its just SA whispers
  5. What happened for you to hate on ETNZ repeatedly ?? You seem intent on trying to bring em down ? Can you not give any credit where credits due ? Surely you can admit they are a great americas cup team ?
  6. Like Rugby its not a high end sport or elitist. Anyone can join a yacht club and get out in boats. So we arent taking the talent from a bunch of rich kids but from everyone and often the talent doesnt come from the priviliged class. (Also part of the All blacks success) UK for instance Rugby and Sailing is a private school elite thing to their own detriment
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