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  1. Snaggs has done a remarkable job of remaining in character for 15 years. Carry on
  2. It was used in the past to equally distribute carbon byproducts in the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines.
  3. It is not a pupal Jon Bon Jovi as far as I can tell, there is a distinct possibility it is the remnants of Fountains Of Wayne.
  4. Photographed on the shore of the Delaware River in Southern NJ. Have been RC for a Regatta for the last 2 days, random insects are more entertaining
  5. Jesus Loves You Happy Easter Purchase a chocolate rabbit if time permits.
  6. Maybe 15 years ago, a bad day in the office for someone. Log Canoe race, Oxford, MD
  7. You are a Commander Of The British Empire without doubte.
  8. Crude but effective? Or a mainsheet traveler ?
  9. Main sheet traveler, a whacking great ring slid across it. The stops kept it from breaking things when it reached the ends, crude but effective.
  10. Token runners. An interesting boat however the engine room was HELL. Slow and painful (-: It was a fun couple of years when I was 25.
  11. Spelled wrong wronge (-: I miss my youth, haven't seen the little bugger in 30 years. Ungrateful bastard.
  12. The river here rarely ices all the way across, however I have seen it happen once in the last 10 years, when I look out and and see a CG vessel removing the lighted nav marks and replacing them with small nuns I am well aware of the consequences. In layman's terms this means that it is going to be a "Cold Fucking Week"
  13. My vagina just became inexplicably sandy in this thread (-: What's up Snaggs? As in the past, enjoy
  14. Delighted to see that you are still hanging in there Snaggs. For your enjoyment I have included a picture of a sheep with its head in a bucket. Not to be confused with Buckethead
  15. I am fairly proficient at Snagglese after many years but this is confusing. Would you like 12 sheep in boxes? (-:
  16. Stunning toes. What up Snagglepuss?
  17. How they hanging Snaggs ? Summer is coming to a close, I find this very unpleasant at best. Paul Weller was an angry young man, but I like him in spite of this (-: In the unlikely chance I am in the wrong thread, enjoy
  18. I once did some work for a HVAC contractor during the construction of SCI facilities, I did not require a security clearance because they were unfinished and unoccupied. I owned a small metal fabrication company at the time, the first requirement was that ALL heating and AC duct work have welded steel grates inside them with the specification of Minimum 1/2" cross section round or square steel bars welded into a frame the size of the duct interior and screwed to it with no opening more then 1" in size. This included 5" X 5" returns, I made hundreds of these over a period of years. T
  19. Woody appears to only be frightened by racoons. A few cougars on the loose is no cause for concern.
  20. The cougars have left the barn Woodman (-:
  21. Just found an Operation Ivy CD at the bottom of a box of old assorted junk from 30 years ago, had forgotten how much I liked them then and now
  22. Westerberg never took being a rock star seriously, good for him. I just looked at the date, I have been posting nonsense here for 15 years. I appear to have never taken being an adult seriously. Good for me
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