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  1. My dad was keen on fishing and I enjoyed going out in his boat. In 1951 I found 17 books in the school library written by Arthur Ransome about some kids my age who had sailing dinghies and I was hooked, I read all of them in a few weeks. That inspired me to build my own sailing dinghy design in a Popular Mechanics when I was 14, my education took a hit but I enjoyed my sailing.
  2. There is nothing wrong with having an ego, I think you will find that Grant Dalton has an ego. The ability to make decisions while taking into account only the relevant facts would seem to be the key requirement.
  3. If you need to compare sailboat racing to motor racing you need different boats and different cars .. F50 = Indycar .. both are one design fleet racing. F1 = International Moth .. both are built by the teams to the own design and race in fleets. AC = drag racing .. one on one in vehicles that they built themselves.
  4. On the type of dinghy that you describe with a floppy hull the maximum fore stay tension is determined by the main sheet the shrouds will determine the minimum tension. Think about it,
  5. The problems with the hula were resolved so these problems along with the broken spars and the water in the cockpit were all symptoms of the same thing. TNZ were underfunded and had insufficient design and testing capacity to do the job properly. I still think the hula was a great idea given the rules of the day.
  6. "Revolutionary hula" was a great idea and had nothing to do with TNZ's failure, think about the mast breaking or the water filling the cockpit, that might give give you some understanding of the design issues.
  7. The clear difference is in the wind resistance.
  8. You don't need a nationality rule to protect your intellectual property, you need to have employment contracts that protect your intellectual property. ETNZ have some sailors like Glenn Ashby (Australian) who have valuable intellectual property but most of the intellectual property is held by the design team headed by Dan Bernasconi (British). I am reminded of ETNZ's employment of a team of experts in AI, they developed a computer model crew to sail the computer model of the boat and found that the computer model was faster than the real sailors, much to the disbelief of the sailors who
  9. The crew is important but the AC is a design competition so the design team is far more important than the sailors who can be replaced. The intellectual property contained within a winning team is irreplaceable.
  10. ETNZ is the current holder with RNZYS and I am certain they will be in the next contest for the America's Cup. Their design team will be working on B3 as we speak. Dan Bernasconi would be high on the list of any Billionaire that had an interest in the America's Cup, same for Grant Dalton and plenty of the ETNZ team. It's a nonsense to say their is no certainty for the teams, their employment contract can easily cover a transfer fee.
  11. If the purpose of a Nationality rule is to secure the team against raids from billionaires, why not use the same system professional teams use world wide, a transfer fee. Each essential team member would be tied to his/her team by his/her employment contract and would only be released to another team at the end of each cycle after a transfer fee was paid, some of the key people in the design team would command a very high transfer fee which would help to compensate a team like ETNZ. Such a system would encourage teams to develop backup people so they could replace a key member with l
  12. I think a compromise would be, if a team lets a member go that member should be available to the international market regardless of nationality. This would effectively prevent a billionaire from buying an existing team but at the same time allow new teams to employ experienced talent.
  13. I would have believed that about Constitutional Monarchies being better than Republics until the Prime Minister called for a referendum on Brexit but forgot to inform the electorate about what Brexit means, in fact the Prime Minister did not have a clue what it meant.
  14. I agree that the sails looked nice by single skin standards but with a twin skin main we should have it flat on the windward side and curved on the leeward side, like an aircraft wing, they still have a long way to go before they reach the optimum shape.
  15. The main reason for restricting the Kiwis is a defense against what happened for the 2003 cup, it prevents anyone from buying all of the key members of ETNZ.
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