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  1. I wonder if the shallow aft section on AM is designed to generate righting moment by creating a pocket of low pressure below the hull. Whereas the other challengers have clearly tried to maximize the end plate effect, and seal the hull against the water, AM is perhaps trading power from the bottom of the main for righting moment, which could allow them to make use of more power up higher in the rig where the wind is stronger?
  2. I'm going to guess they get stretched out once the load comes in the rigging. When the rig is tensioned, the mast compression will cause the hull to stretch. Assuming the keel is not required to carry any load, it's position outside of the hull will require that it stretches more than on a traditional hull. They have to build this compliance into the structure to prevent it deforming the structural elements in the hull.
  3. I'm going to guess the bulbs are there to accelerate the water and generate a low pressure region around the connection of the foils and the arm. With AM's low aspect foils, this region would likely be very draggy, and otherwise divert the flow outboard, reducing efficiency. Right or wrong.. these may be compensation for AM's foil concept, rather than a go-fast feature on their own.
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