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  1. Actually, I have the same thought about waterproof shorts not likely very effective as the water will wash up and down them. However, my son has asked for them for Christmas so I am looking for the "best". Let's define best as (in order of importance): Functional while actively racing Comfortable/Minimal chafe Durable
  2. Looking for advice on the best waterproof sailing shorts. Thank you
  3. I tried enterprise, they don't have any one way cross county trucks. Driving 3000 miles back to return the truck is not a likely choice.
  4. Most rental companies say not to tow anything except their trailers with their trucks. If I break the rules and tow a small boat cross country what are the likely repercussions? Are they going to have me arrested? Setup me and take the truck leaving me stranded? Charge me huge fees? Not let me rent from them again? Bailiff whack his pee pee?
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