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  1. Happy Birthday, old fart. Oh, wait. I'm older. Damn.

    Remember the liver is evil, and must be punished.

  2. Welcome home sweet tits!!
  3. It's good to see some things haven't changed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I’m fairly certain that the Jib is also Doyle
  5. (815): New policy: when a woman uses the word blowjob in a sentence within 5 minutes of meeting her, you buy her a drink.
  6. (510): Ran into my prostitute at Costco yesterday. She was with her boyfriend, I was with my kids. Awwwwkward.
  7. anyone what to save me some reading?? Is this freak still at it? I thought his 1000 days were over a while ago?
  8. (260): I just found ouut you can get a DUI in a kayak. Fuck.
  9. (989): It's my birthday, I plan on masturbating and boating, maybe even masturbate on the boat.
  10. (+31): No flights in Europe due to the volcano erupting. God himself is telling me to spend 4.20 in Amsterdam.
  11. (256): Dudes got a Polo tattoo. I don't care if he has a yacht I can't handle that level of gay.
  12. Is this train wreck still going on?? I thought he was done with this months ago……what’s the deal??
  13. Is it really almost over?? What is the plan is he just going to jump overboard and swim home or is he sailing back to NY??
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