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  1. Does anyone remember a quarter called Spectrum? Maybe a Holland? I have vague memory of loving it as a kid on a trip to melbourne.
  2. So farr has always been a favourite of mine! Always wondered how it would go in the ocean....
  3. Sail in the ocean and you’ll find out!
  4. Again... agree 100% But why hasn’t anyone mentioned “time constraints” withdrawals yet? Surely these people need reminding that “in my day we weren’t softcocks like nowadays”? Dog meet tail. Now chase!
  5. +1000000 I can only think of 2 ‘40 and under that have actually won a BWPS race off the top of my head! Deck is loaded to the 50’s
  6. It’s a point when you are realise you are truly fucked when you are trying to get the spinnaker out of a tree! Top points to the bloke in that canoodling couple sitting on the rocks. I’d say by the way his arms are clamped down there is every chance his fly is undone..... And then someone turns up with a camera to film a fucking yacht! Tough break buddy. Hope they left you alone shortly after.
  7. Makes sense. I’ve always worried about the pressure on the mast on a boat half the size!
  8. Out the water there and straight to Maccas?
  9. Best viewing you’ll ever see is when the crew work out that the downstairs crab walk is the best method in a sea!
  10. Make sure you are off watch and asleep when you go past home southbound on Saturday.
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