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  1. Mike Hunt

    Tempest sails

    Thanks - had a look there. The class seems to have died in NA.
  2. Mike Hunt

    Tempest sails

    This is a shot in the dark but a computer illiterate friend is looking for some used Tempest sails for a restoration project that he's completing. Please send me a message if you have any leads. Thanks, MH
  3. Mike Hunt

    IOR landfills?

    I've spent a bit of time on this one. It was in good shape when it was donated a couple of years ago. It was originally built as Blue Yankee for the Admirals Cup... The crazy paint job in one of the photos is from when it was used as the Eriksson (sp?) hospitality boat at the Volvo stop over in Boston.
  4. Mike Hunt

    Mainsail area on a sporty

    It depends on the boat, the size and design of the square top, and the ability to depower with rig tune . There is no single answer here.
  5. Mike Hunt

    Fattest boats

    Is that what that is? We had one on our bay years ago and nobody knew what in the hell it was!
  6. Mike Hunt

    Martin 242 - "Fast Lane Fever"

    Congrats. Great little boats.
  7. Mike Hunt

    Henderson 30-Farr 30-FT 10M in 12 kts plus

    In fairness, all of these $25k 30 footers are $50k by they time you make them competitive again with sails, rigging...
  8. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

    It's good to see people working hard for what they want.
  9. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

  10. Mike Hunt

    Soverel 27

    I would say that you should buy my Viper 830 if not for the draft. It draws approx. 7'. Link - https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/viper-830/
  11. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

    It's a pain for sure. We're having the same trouble with boats that we want to purchase. We're happy to answer any questions, provide more photos or do a video walkthrough via FaceTime or WhatsApp. You would have to use a commercial driver or trucker to get the boat across the border though. Frankly, if the border were open, it would have likely been sold already. We'll leave the boat up for a few weeks - if it doesn't sell, we"ll take it down and re-list when the border opens again. Whenever that is. As for the name - you can't go wrong with the Beastie Boys!
  12. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

    If you're crane launching, the crane pulls it up. If ramp launching, there is a bi-pod that goes over the keel so that you can winch it up.
  13. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

    Thanks,. We started off rating 60-ish PHRF but after 5 years, our local PHRF has whittled that down to 32 which is just silly in all but light air. (That's an old main that we just flaked. We use a full cover - point taken though)
  14. Mike Hunt

    Buy my Viper

    Ad in the Classifieds - https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/viper-830/ The mightly Sabotage is officially for sale, It’s fun and fast and we’ve loved her for the last 5 years but have our sights on something bigger and badder. It’s probably not the easiest time to sell with the border closed but we’ll give it a try… Here’s the info: Sabotage 1997 Viper 830 Asking $19,900 US or $26,000 CDN Great Sail Inventory: 2020 North Superkote SK60 A1.5/2 (new- unused) 2019 North 3Di Raw 360 Light / Medium Jib (unused in 2020) 2019 North 3Di Raw 360 Square Top Main (unused in 2020) 2017 North NPL Sport Poly Code 0 2016 North 3DL 860 Heavy Jib 2016 North Airx 650 A3 2016 North Airx 600 A2 2015 Doyle LPT Pentex Square Top Main 2015 Doyle Stratis Light / Medium Jib Other updates since purchase: 2015 2x Harken 35 Self tailing winches installed 2015 All new running rigging 2015 Vangmaster pneumatic vang 2016 B&G Chart Plotter 2016 Hydroturf soft deck installed in cockpit 2016 Spinlock adjustable tiller extension 2016 Full mooring / drysail cover 2017 New electrical panel, new wiring 2017 Sony stereo & speakers 2018 2 new electrical bilge pumps installed, re-plumbed 2018 Deck repainted with Kiwigrip 2018 New Amsteel lifelines and pads 2019 Velocitek Pro-start and mast bracket Also includes Triad Trailer and Mercury 5hp long shaft outboard. Message me for more info and photos.
  15. Mike Hunt

    Craigslist Finds

    Not a dinghy but how in the hell does something like this end up in Cincinnati?! https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/88243