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  1. A lot of winches on a 30'-ish footer.
  2. This was, by far, the most entertaining thread in the history of Sailing Anarchy.
  3. I remember seeing this photo before and recall someone mentioning that the sail was from One Sails. I've been wrong before though.
  4. Mike Hunt

    OD 14

    Built by Ontario Yachts in Canada. It's essentially a tuned down version of a Cross III International 14 designed by Jay Cross.
  5. Yup - Aussie 14's before the 14 classes merged their rules. When this movie came out, I had been sailing 14's and was in university. I remember that the headline in the university paper's movie review was, "Wind really really blows"
  6. I didn't think of Pex - great idea. Thanks guys.
  7. I'm thinking about adding some lightweight tubing to the upper lifelines between the pulpit and first stanchion to work as bit of a roller and cut down friction when dousing the asymmetrical kites down the forward hatch. I've seen this on boats like Melges 32's... What material is best?
  8. Yup - https://www.balticyachts.fi/yachts/baltic-42dp/
  9. I believe it's a Peterson 37. The name is original but it was formerly in Toronto (RCYC), hence the Canadian sail #. Wiggers built if I recall.
  10. Parents bought a boat on a whim when I was young. The local summer sailing school was cheaper than day care.
  11. Does anyone know the length of the fixed portion of a Farr 30 backstay? Thanks.
  12. Great - this seems like the way to go. The bottom will need a coat but it is older offshore that I'm covering. The bay that I'm in is fairly warm but probably similar to what your end of the lake is like. I looked at Black Widow but the fact that it's not available in Canada made the decision easy. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks Paul. How much cleaning are you doing on LE with offshore vs. VC 17? I suspect that it would be similar for me.
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