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  1. Yup - https://www.balticyachts.fi/yachts/baltic-42dp/
  2. I believe it's a Peterson 37. The name is original but it was formerly in Toronto (RCYC), hence the Canadian sail #. Wiggers built if I recall.
  3. Parents bought a boat on a whim when I was young. The local summer sailing school was cheaper than day care.
  4. Does anyone know the length of the fixed portion of a Farr 30 backstay? Thanks.
  5. Great - this seems like the way to go. The bottom will need a coat but it is older offshore that I'm covering. The bay that I'm in is fairly warm but probably similar to what your end of the lake is like. I looked at Black Widow but the fact that it's not available in Canada made the decision easy. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Paul. How much cleaning are you doing on LE with offshore vs. VC 17? I suspect that it would be similar for me.
  7. Hi, We just bought a Farr 30 that had VC Offshore applied a few years ago so we need to re-paint. I'm trying to decide whether to stick with Offshore or go to VC17. I primarily sail in fresh water - Lake Ontario - and have to wet sail. For anyone that's using Offshore in fresh weater, how much cleaning is needed? When the bottoms are clean, is there any consensus as to which paint is faster? I like the idea of a hard paint that I can burnish but the ease of using VC17 is attractive too. Thanks.
  8. Thanks - had a look there. The class seems to have died in NA.
  9. This is a shot in the dark but a computer illiterate friend is looking for some used Tempest sails for a restoration project that he's completing. Please send me a message if you have any leads. Thanks, MH
  10. I've spent a bit of time on this one. It was in good shape when it was donated a couple of years ago. It was originally built as Blue Yankee for the Admirals Cup... The crazy paint job in one of the photos is from when it was used as the Eriksson (sp?) hospitality boat at the Volvo stop over in Boston.
  11. It depends on the boat, the size and design of the square top, and the ability to depower with rig tune . There is no single answer here.
  12. Is that what that is? We had one on our bay years ago and nobody knew what in the hell it was!
  13. In fairness, all of these $25k 30 footers are $50k by they time you make them competitive again with sails, rigging...
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