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  1. Absolutely true. No refrigeration, no water pressure, no fuel for generators, it could get ugly. Add that the Lire (currency) has completely devalued. Not pretty at all.
  2. Oh snap. Any speculation on a disgruntled employee making an "innocent coding error"?
  3. I loaded Signal a while back. It's the same as WhatsApp and a surprising number of people have either migrated over or have both.
  4. I attended both from Nigeria (omg, our network held!!) The church was packed, and over 150 of us joined online. Catholic Mass. The celebration of his life at Bayview was healing. They did 8 Bells, which caused me to burst into sobs. The stories, the laughter, the knowing nods .. everyone knew the twinkle in his eye, how much coke he drank (wink), and I think it was so telling that his brother got up and said how they'd always felt sorry for Luiz, up there all alone. That they had no idea about all of us and how astounded they were with the love at the church as well as at BYC - Tha
  5. Oh my .. friend to all, mentor to many; always a smile and cheery grin to share. Gone much too soon. Fair winds, my friend.
  6. Agreed. Cool app - saves downloading multiple individual apps. Checking out where I'm hoping to be posted next, as a lark. Could also be quite the rabbit hole. Thanks for the find.
  7. With a nod to the departed (2013) Mindy McCready - "Guys do it all the time"
  8. Interesting no one called. I had a daily reminder message to check in on the app and a phone call about mid-way from a real person asking the usual questions and reiterating how important quarantine is. I have an external hard drive loaded with about 400 movies... Was fine. Phone calls also filled the time.
  9. Yah, as I said, right name but that's where the resemblance ended - but seriously, imagine living with the name Alex Waxman - everyone calls you Al because , well, AL! and the comparisons never stop, and quite serious when he said "Call me Alex". This guy is maybe in his mid-to-late 30s so he barely even remembers the iconic Al Waxman. Tickled my funnybone, though, and we had a good laugh on it - he indicated it's a good way to find Canadians wherever he's posted LOL
  10. This is that Schrödinger's moment when I am simultaneously saddened at the too-soon passing of Matt, and joyous at the return of Boomer and so many others from "the gang" in this thread. Helluvan adventure, Boomer - glad you came out on the up-side. Thanks for the updates - yours and Matt's. Stay safe.
  11. The Canadians will appreciate that I worked with "Al Waxman" for a couple of months this past year. "Call me Alex" ... damn ... right name, such a wrong look, and absolutely NOT the right sense of humour.
  12. I'm late to the thread, adding my condolences to family and friends. And Sail4Beer captured my thoughts. Gentleman. Rest in peace, Matt. You left too soon.
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