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  1. @45Roller @Paddywackery Amazing, cheers!
  2. Since there are people on this thread. Does anyone have data from ac34? I've heard the data was published on their website. I have the ac35 data, so it would be pretty cool to compare the boat performance since foiling began.
  3. Last race is uploaded for replay with telemetry: https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map
  4. Last race is uploaded for replay with telemetry: https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map
  5. I was fixing a bug and messed up. Should be working ok now, with the correct sync for stbd entry cam. Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page
  6. Race 9 is uploaded. I've included course-VMG to see how each team handles the wind. The screenshot shows the 6kn CVMG advantage for NZL at the 5th leg when they got the lead.
  7. Race 9 telemetry and video feeds are uploaded: https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map I've added course-VMG which shows how good the team has sailed the shifts. So you can easily see the 6kn VMG difference which lead to the lead change on the leg 5 of the last race.
  8. Races 7 and 8 are uploaded https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map Italians got really unlucky getting stuck in 6kn of wind contrary to NZL in 7kn.
  9. If you know python then yes, otherwise I'll convert the data into .csv files once the whole event is over.
  10. That's to install Python package. It requires python installed on your PC, and works with any OS. Once installed, access the boats telemetry data with Python command: "data = ac36data.get_boats('ac2021',1)" where 'ac2021' - event name, "1" - race number.
  11. All data files are here: https://github.com/dorox/ac36_data
  12. Races 5,6 are online https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map
  13. Day 2 is uploaded: https://ac36.herokuapp.com/map Race 3 VMG data is a bit glitchy though, but still fun to analyse.
  14. That's prohibited under the class rules. The source of data sent to media equipment has to be the highest quality. You can actually see how UK fixed their wind readings issues towards the Prada cup final. There are however delays introduced at various stages of data processing by VirtualEye, and it's hard to keep track of them all.
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