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  1. I have 1 yr old Lewmar, line in the middle range slips on main. we hoist then put it on a cleat behind the clutch . The other lewmars hold fine
  2. The secret to comedy is timing
  3. This probably explains why the new owner of a soveral33 in our harbor broke his after the last guy managed 30 yr intact. I had not considered how bendy a boat could get but this makes sense.
  4. Where my son hikes in the mountains in Alberta Ca, the guides stopped advising on "bear bells" , the bears have figured out if you run at hikers they throw off thier backpack so they can run faster, lunch is always in the backpack. Bears think its a dinner bell.
  5. If 2/3rds of most drinks will be mix, why does anyone ever buy shitty mix?
  6. make sure halyard is able to run freely , so when your at bow, it can just come down. Lay out sail your going to put up and spray luff tape both side with Mclube or equivalent Thats all I got
  7. could you supply the source or brand for the USB ais ? I've been looking for a cheap one to play with, havent found anything at that price point
  8. should we drop anchor Captain? no I think were good
  9. So now that we have Heads sorted out, my 45yr old boat which is 3ys old with me has a holding tank 'stink' . Ive replaced the head and the hoses, its a polyethelene tank under the V berth that seems to have a funk, no amount of rinses or chemical treatment seems to help. Its an older C&C , I think the tank only comes out with a rercipro saw. thoughts??
  10. 80's production boat, built to a price point. Nobody expected these things to be around 40+ yrs later
  11. Hmmm, my 1/2" drive torque wrench only goes to 250, which is what I need on 3/4" bolt. Top of its range , but its a keel bolt not a cylinder head. Now I just have to decide if its a cutoff wheel and rust bits everywhere in the bilge or buy the extra deep socket for $50 for a one time application. Leaning towards Mcmaster-Carr extra deep, i hate that black crap that gets everywhere off a cutoff wheel. Thanks Ishmael
  12. Guess I'm digging the mig out of the shed and making a really long socket. C&C built these things on an assembly line but it was largely a hand build, somebody probably set a bolt in the pour mold too high and somebody else said the keel sump is 12" deep , leave it. They built great boats , the production boats were just that, production boats. Thanks for the help folks
  13. Its not that basic a question , a deep socket hits the bolt before its onto the nut , there is about 3 1/2 " of thread showing above the nut, maybe a 3/4" drive socket would let the bolt come up through the socket, but now there is no place to put an extention. I was considering a crows foot wrench but thought there must be something easier, I'm guessing the manufacturer had a socket on a pipe or similar?
  14. Boat is sitting on the hard, I could drop the keel this weekend . So back to my original question , what tool goes down into a 12" sump and can be turned in the hole to loosen a keel nut??
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