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  1. Congratulations to all Kiwi supporters here, and a great recognition for the (I believe) closest effort from an Italian Team. You won races despite not having the fastest boat, made less mistakes also. Also I think @strider470 was very humorous taking all bullets graciously, you are an alter ego of Max Sirena! Also congratulations to @Basiliscus, @MaxHugen, @erdb, @weta27, @Mozzy Sails and many others who took time to help us understand these machines of sailing! Luis
  2. Are KR and Paul McCartney starting to look alike as they age with time?
  3. I think it could be more like a Normal distribution aligned with AWS vector, starting from a certain sigma (sideways extension of the disturbance, ie one mast length) which increases with time as well as reducing the Amplitude (which is the intensity of the disturbance) also with time. Black lines intend to show that...
  4. I believe the rigs are more efficient than powerful, so when seeing a bit of disturbed air they start to struggle. Like what's happening with F1 cars, disturb the air in front and their flaps loose downforce.
  5. Any hint of wind speed in a location to windward of the course? For NZders with Intel...
  6. Great race for NZL, would like to see them race in 10 kts... I think it could be much less of a speed advantage...
  7. Well the assumption in theydrawings IS both foils generating the same vertical net force and same horizontal net force
  8. Drawings are ok. Two Things are clear: 1- T-foil shows a smaller FR (5%) so induced drag is LESS. This is true all the time due to individual R forces on the same direction. 2- Y-foil puts the CoL a bit more outward so potentially more RM (marginal). This coud be more usefull when needing to depower. More induced drag as individual R forces not in the same direction. Less drag is better for VMG
  9. It seems bowsprit is now longer and upper part mod could be reinforcement. But bowsprit looks definetely longer in new pics...
  10. Do yo by any chance still have a copy? I've been looking for this simulator for months now... Help appreciated
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