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  1. Sales of junk may slow, but the prices will not drop for a long time (Until we stop printing money). I just sold an older boat pretty quickly and there is not much out there.
  2. I meant early 90s...damn, getting old...a little before and along with Clay and his brother
  3. No sail #s makes it pretty difficult…..I sailed them for a few years in the late 90s in NJ.
  4. How does the loose foot matter? It is attached at both ends.....maybe tighten the outhaul? If the sail is on slides it should be easy.
  5. SEC16518


    Any J/88s for sale in the Northeast....other than the one on YW?
  6. When you say pole back an asym, to what degree?
  7. GH What happened? I see Thunder listed for sale......
  8. Exactly.....did it ever race?
  9. F Barnegat....unless you feel like rubbing the bottom a few times.
  10. Try the Shrimp Box in Pt. Pleasant (Near CG station). See if you could stay a night there and get dinner....Otherwise just go straight to CM.
  11. What’s the story with J/44 White Gold? See it for sale.....has a lot of mods....did the boat perform well?
  12. No big deal.....But we got pushed over at about 1-2 min before. We started west of the mid-boat. I didn't want to get too far from the line with the wind being so light, took that chance of going over early. Our AIS went out about 4-5 times. We realized it pretty quickly and had to reboot it. Not sure why that happens, but we could tell it happened once the other boats nearby went missing on the screen.
  13. We were on Blink, the 20min didn't matter in the end either way though. I didn't even think we went over, I would have just went if I had known and had clear air at least.
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