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  1. Why do single/double handed offshore boats have to be so ugly????
  2. Go for the liteskin.....you only live once......and yes a whole lot of shit has changed over the last 14 years
  3. Looks sweet, but I really don't get red taillights on a boat??
  4. You don't clean the bottom until June? There has to be some serious growth by then? I notice slime in a week in NJ....with any paint.
  5. New forum layout probably got you confused.......
  6. $428/ft to spray BW on??? Seems like an exaggeration. You could get awlgrip done for less....
  7. The bow sticker is kinda like racing stripes on an old Honda Civic.....adds at least 10-15hp
  8. The deck has already been re-cored apparently....Anyone know if the hull was done? Apparently this was "Blofish" out of MD....
  9. Anyone have any info on the 1999 listed at Sail Northwest? I think it was originally from MD.....
  10. uhhhh....I do......especially in light, shifty conditions.....
  11. Why is it that they are not approved? Seems odd....Kinda makes them pointless in the US for offshore racing.
  12. Stupid addicting, yet so simple
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