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  1. I'll sell the gallon of Black I have for $250 cash, but it's really not worth shipping it. Let me know if you venture down to NJ. I thought it was great for the season I had it on the boat, but I scrub every 1-2 weeks anyways.
  2. How does this auction work? Do you just place a bid and find out at the end if you were the highest?
  3. Yes, I got in contact with them.......Just trying to figure out if this is the route I want to go in and how to design it.
  4. She definitely points well.....
  5. I have an unopened gallon from last year I can sell you......located in NJ
  6. Is that bobstay adjustable inside or does it just terminate?
  7. Anyone have info on this? Looking for some detail on what needs to be done or even some pictures of boats that did it.
  8. I had feeling something was up....saw a pop-up ad for Tump 2024 last week on the main page. I am gonna pretend I never saw this thread or headline and pretend like all is normal. Hopefully I won't notice a thing different, but I doubt it. Maybe the new management can figure a way to do Retro Boat vids and monetize better.
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