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  1. No, it's not. It is in poor taste (excuse me again), but also based on the fact that dogs are eaten for dood in much of southeast Asia.
  2. Is your friend Chinese? (I apologize, I couldn't help myself)
  3. What is his favorite orphan? A design that he wished had been built, but wasn't.
  4. Agree completely. The foiling Moths of car racing.
  5. That's has been the norm in karting for many years. Only recently in F1. Some would argue it takes a lot of the skill out of driving.
  6. Yes, modern double clutch autos can shift far faster than any human and are thus faster at the track. I suppose if you grow up with them MTs seem as outdated as 8-track tape players.
  7. Ummmm... that's nonsense. It is less about matching the revs to the speed for the sake of the gearbox and much more about not unbalancing the car when you're driving close to its limits. Clean is right that there's almost never a need for heel & toe off the track. It is still fun to do.
  8. Ya don't say! I think you should run around yelling "Mad dog!!" at the top of your lungs. Be sure to make a video.
  9. Since we're dreaming https://catamaran-outremer.com/en/outremer51/
  10. Ajax, this might help: https://mita.org/ There are many small islands open to the public.
  11. This is true. But while the total mass of our system is constant, Matagi's mass prior to combustion will be much greater than his mass after combustion as his carbohydrates are (mostly) converted to gases and heat. Except perhaps for his feet, which, as grotesquely shown above, may remain intact.
  12. Naked? Outside? You'll catch your death of cold.
  13. I think it is mostly bunk. If you are going upwind in any kind of seas, you'll be uncomfortable. Downwind, not so much. The one thing that will help upwind is a boat that does not pound (too much).
  14. We can partially do this by oxidative combustion. But it will require and accelerant and I doubt you'll be happy with the result.
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