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  1. Radio NZ says "second class" boat for the women or something similar, I believe this AC40 might put the ac75 into an inferior class, being nearly as fast and more agile. Might be fun if they beat an AC75 in a race?!!
  2. Can I catch the new delta variant by coming onto this thread?
  3. Thank you Max, I do read your interesting analysii
  4. What an interesting thread. What amazing lives some of us lead. Thank you @Basiliscus, my life consists of kids and mortgages, now grand kids..... But reading here with @MaxHugen and all the others giving such interesting sides of these technical beasts makes me get up in the morning.
  5. If it is just apparent wind then F50n should be the same VMG up wind? I think not, but I can not give a reason why?
  6. Could I suggest we summarise our thoughts on the cat verse AC75? Why do cats lack an ability to have a good VMG upwind? Is it me or is this a generally held opinion? Are cats greatly better at any other point of sailing? Can these F50s improve their ability to sail up wind? or do we have no directly upwind legs in races? Max tell me if I am out of place here. Fancy coming in after that great info from SHC !!?
  7. I read that too and look forward to Glen Ashby sail loft (not sure of the name and should know it?) putting out some interesting sails for people. It seems they have some advantages up wind?
  8. Firstly thank you to all the contributors to this interesting thread. Conclusions? Forget difficulty to launch, is this concept better in any way than a wing on a yacht? reefable? twistable? point higher? Are the internal mechanisms too complex? top and bottom of the sail? Will we see them on land yacht? Not worth the expense? will we see them on bigger yachts?
  9. ^ sorry I miss read the results, too small for these old eyes!
  10. That kid took a race off Nathan, no one else did!!
  11. I bet Checko and Nathan had long talks to all the young sailors and shared some tips. So not gods at all.
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