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  1. Nothing? Huh, seems the defeated ex-president and the My Pillow guy are the only ones dictating what you and the opposition party are allowed to think. And you clearly don't ever think for yourself. So he does have something to do with the current president's agenda.
  2. Why? What problem does it solve?
  3. And not to mention the head treasonista "won" prior to 2020 so there was only reason to merely fuck with democracy up until he got crushed and went full retard. Then the other cult jokers flocked behind him.
  4. Yeah so? There are no rules anymore. So fuck it and do anything, anything to push through everything the majority wants. Take the bad whenever that happens in the future. We're a banana republic living day to day anyway.
  5. I think Mr Left posted the stoned pic so I might have been wrong about the scene. Here's another.
  6. That scene of her smoking weed naked is pretty fucking hot.
  7. Here's the part where the Joke embraces artwork from Presidential family members. Note it's an NFT, so dispense with actual art, which wasn't her art in the first place, and go straight to the grift. (but it's for the children...) https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/29/politics/melania-trump-steps-back-into-the-public-eye/index.html
  8. When do rose colored glasses either expire or just look stupid? Gator has been calling for the demise of covid for like 14 months.
  9. Thanks for the random link to the Irish Times front medical page. I've been meaning to catch up on local insight into Universal Healthcare. Didn't see much about your quote.
  10. They don't even think that deep to be fascists. They thought they hitched their wagon to someone they aspire to be and he turned out to be the lazy grifting gameshow host he always was. They are embarrassed, and an ego bruised is a dangerous tool. Some seem to be trying to dig out, but the others will just have to die off or bottom out. Better to die off, the courts are already too packed with the humiliated and soon to be rehabilitated, one way or another.
  11. Could you imagine living life with hundreds of lawsuits hanging over you personally? I've had lawyers involved in exactly two cases in my life and neither even made it to court. It was all consuming and expensive... and I made out in both. What a shitty way to go through life for these grifters.
  12. Every step towards people getting the vaccine then and now was despite TFG not because of him. Too many real people had to just steamroll past his bullshit and make it happen. All he did was be called “President” in the year 2020. He gets credit for holding on that long.
  13. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP You fucking TFG cult members are world class fucking projectors. Jesus FUCKING Christ on toast...
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