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  1. I guess, but if ramifications are just "not dying" then he is literally in the stone age dodging dinosaurs.
  2. No they mutate into never ending. And Covid is an issue for everyone. If 10-40% of your staff or customers is anti-mask and anti-vax yeah fuck them, but it affects business. If your kids get it and can't go to school it affects them and disrupts anyone they were around for a week or so. I don't think I ever got it, but my ex and son did, my daughter didn't.. I have no idea how or why that's even possible. I isolated like three times for weeks. This is an issue for everyone, including the vaxxed, because uncertainty fucks everything up. Get vaxxed and wear a mask when it's required, it'
  3. What I don't get about Gator and this thread of late is several of you are challenging his data, your point is his data is wrong, but what is his point? What is he trying to argue? Wear masks, don't wear masks, get vaccinated, don't, don't worry about kids, who cares about kids? WTF is the point?
  4. Does anyone else find it crazy that the single worst day of the epidemic and an attempted insurrection (cite unnecessary) happened on the exact same day?
  5. Meh, taxing crypto is good. Any exchange of money should be taxed as regular income. Especially Capital Gains and inheritance.
  6. It's not that simple. First, they are close to passing a $1T in a straight up transportation and broadband infrastructure bipartisan bill. That's fucking huge, bigger than the National defense budget and targeted to pretty much only those items. That's a huge win when dealing with half the congress who will only spend that kind of coin on tax cuts or defense. It's a huge win for Buttegieg, Biden and Pelosi. Put the money in the bank, put the points on the board, take the win. But then they can haggle over the reconciliation bill price after. It's at $3.5T total now, that's likely a thre
  7. And plane tickets, hotel rooms, gallows, helmets, goggles, wire ties... Although I brought all that to the last Dead and Co. show in Eugene, lest they didn't play the encore I wanted.
  8. Nailed it. He just doesn't get his own cites.
  9. And with that Jeff has an epiphany about what the fuck this whole thread is about. (Pic from a slightly different tourist attraction)
  10. What I can't figure out is why there is a Right and Left in this case. It's not abortion or gun control. It's a single event, like watergate or 9/11. It happened. What are the two opposing sides opposing?
  11. They are doing just that. Over 500 minions so far. But those rednecks didn't organize, advertise, pay for or direct this spontaneously. It's time to move up the ladder.
  12. The same people who do blow off a hookers ass (nttawwt) or drink bathtub hooch from neighbor Gomer's still are suddenly worried about what they put in their bodies.
  13. That's just kinda Winwoods thing. Not made for radio. Higher Love probably made him more money than being in three of the most iconic bands ever combined before that. The Dead did the same thing with Touch of Grey. Nothing wrong with feeding the masses to keep the kitchen open.
  14. They just fade out, it's like Low Spark, it could just keep going forever. Or until the acid wears off.
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