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  1. The Hatch act died about 5 years ago. "Strong on 2A, supports the military, loves our country, vote for XXXXXXX"
  2. And now Colin Powell RIP. It's just the flu.
  3. There was some epic trolling by the Dead in Dallas last week. They opened with Man Smart, Women Smarter and when on to play an all female first set. Man Smart Woman Smarter, Bertha, Queen Jane Approximately, Brown-Eyed Women, Peggy-O, Cassidy > Sugaree Bobby was wearing one of these:
  4. They specifically wrote a few songs for kids as Michael Stipe was a huge fan of the Monkees and the Banana Splits as a kid. Plus it had Kate Pearson so they were going for a B52's vibe. They never played it live (except on SNL) but I think they just wanted to have some lighthearted fun with friends in the studio. The rest of that album is pure fucking gold.
  5. True. I guess we just suffer through the whining until they are all dead.
  6. Maybe tell your idiot friends to take the vaccine then. Your faux outrage will be mitigated.
  7. His entire first post (bolded quote) is more concerned about where it happened than what happened.
  8. Do you have a Soros reference or Tucker video to reinforce your claims? Maybe Hunter's laptop or Benghazi should be brought into the conversation. The first am doesn't give people "the right" to threaten anyone and doesn't apply at all to psycho anti-vaxxers yelling at kids walking to school. But you do you Joke-off, your getting boring and entirely predictable in your responses.
  9. Joke cares more about where it happened, not that it happened. And anyone causing trouble at a school board meeting or outside a school towards kids should be considered a domestic terrorist every time. Especially if it involves masks and vaccination decisions.
  10. I honestly don't know. How much critical information about the nuclear sub program can you even fit in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Is there like one magic formula that's key to the whole thing?
  11. Not one person has defended them. You have no idea what they did or didn't do. You saw Hillary and BLM and parroted the RW noise machine. It's who you are, it's what trolls do.
  12. I wonder if she wears a Biden hat and flies a Biden flag from her boat? Oh wait, no one does that. Because we're not cult members. And Black Lives do matter, so good on her for that part at least.
  13. I have natural immunity FKT, it's much better than any fake big Pharma science fraud medicine.
  14. Absolutely. The Founding Fathers were simply transcribing the words of God. Atheists are heathens.
  15. Nope never. I just own a gun, canned food and a MAGA hat, that's all I need to keep my time and body secure from the evils of tyranny.
  16. I'm with you Steam, I couldn't imagine a Government forcing anyone to spend one minute at the DMV or collecting documents for a card that allows me my God given freedoms. It's like being forced to show a vaccination card to get into a concert, the Government has no right to make me spend MY time doing anything for any reason ever if I choose not to. Freedom.
  17. Of course you will, you're an attention whore.
  18. I just looked at the top 20 thread titles and 3 could be considered trolling. All of which, besides yours, are making fun of you. Congrats, I hope you feel good about yourself.
  19. Your thread title is pure trolling, nothing more, nothing less.
  20. Your definition of negativity is whack. You're not negative, you're just a parrot with zero integrity. You have no answer or convictions on anything you post. Try explaining your side instead of posting hyperbolic troll bombs for attention.
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