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  1. OK, war mongering Boomer. Let the fear go man. The oft cited militias of 2021 are the enemy of our democracy. It's 2021, not 1812.
  2. What's well regulated about... people? And why didn't they just say "people"?
  3. We all are. You and your people totally fucked up. And you are embarrassed.
  4. Well regulated is certainly not a foreign language, it's pretty fucking clear. And when Proud Bois, 1%rs and the rest call themselves a militia, I take them at their word.
  5. No. You are just dying for him to fail because you look so bad being a TFG supporter and your vote helped bring about the most corrupt disaster is US history. We're still digging out.
  6. And he calls everyone else a liar. Couldn't tell the truth within one hour of his own posts.
  7. "Non cancellable" unless you disparage TFG or the site itself. LOL, hackers are going to slice this up in about 5 seconds.
  8. What EXACTLY did I lie about? How many families have 4 kids under 6 to get $1200/month? And who needs it more than people with no income?
  9. Parents with 4 kids under 6? How many of those are there? And it hasn't been removed.
  10. Only you and one other person spends a single minute worrying about ratings. Guess who the other person is. SHOCKING that no one on the West Coast watched at 5:00pm Pacific time though.
  11. So he's been? You know where there is a high concentration of hispanics? Border towns. You know where there's not? Delaware. What's your point? Maybe it has never been high on his outrage meter. Why should it be? Maybe at some point he'll go hard after the white people who hire them illegally and you can curl up in a confused ball waiting for Tucker to tell you how you should feel. Hack.
  12. So the VP and First Lady aren't enough to tell him what is happening there? Which is not much different than anything that ever happens there. The VP has been designated to handle this issue anyway.
  13. So you were both wrong about the border, the 'vette and Delaware. LOL..
  14. As of August 7th, he had been to Delaware 14 times. I guess he's been 26 more times in 2 months, right? Or did you make that up? You two idiots are so full of shit, you learned from your messiah well. https://www.npr.org/2021/08/07/1024650037/dela-where-hed-rather-be-come-the-weekend-biden-leaves-d-c
  15. Only a true kool-aid drinking MAGAt would think he's never been to the Mexican border in 45 years of being a Senator and VP. He said he hasn't been as President, what part don't you get, hack?
  16. Again, I watched it. You didn't. Do you think he's never been to the border in his life? CNN also questioned whether he was wrong about his '67 'vette not having positraction, guess who knows his car better than "fact checkers".
  17. As long as they are confirmed members of a well regulated militia.
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