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  1. 1 minute ago, chum said:

    Can you read?

    Like I said to Steam, show me where I advocate for its use. 


    If you're talking about the flying kind, yes I'm licensed to maintain them. As for the car, I owned a 65, and repaired it plenty. Like I tell my kids, I can fix anything.

    Stop with the bullshitter crap.  It's like Joker calling everyone a liar, it's lost it's teeth from you.

    You're selling Ivermectin like you own it, that's it, it's not a hidden code only you can decipher.  It's right there in front of everyone in a million posts.

    And I was talking about the four-legged kind.

  2. 3 minutes ago, βhyde said:

    I think what explains most of what you are seeing is that no one gives a crap about Chad. Everyone expected Chad to get killed one day. Even at an early age his mother probably said, "Chad, you're kind of a dick and you're probably going to get shot someday." After shooting Chad, even Kyle said something to the effect of, "I told you this was going to happen. Chad's a dick." His ex-wife is practically rolling her eye going, "Oh yeah, no one saw that coming. Fucking Chad." I'm pretty sure when Chad Jr. grows up and hears what a douche bag Chad was, and sees the video, he'll give daddy Kyle a pass on blowing him away.

    Chad death wasn't so much a premeditated act. It was destiny.


    LOL, well probably.  I mean his name's Chad and he's wearing teal.  It doesn't make Kyle anymore sympathetic being Kyle. I think one of the ladies was a judge. It all just seems so, um... white.  Like someone should have said, "pick up that blood!".  I think they all went out for Pumpkin spiced lattes at Whole Foods together afterwards.

    Bad divorces and custody are seriously fucked though, I'm so lucky I don't have that, but I've seen it.

  3. 9 hours ago, VhmSays said:

    One by the person inside the house, K's side of the story and one by C's new wife. Both sides were recording the encounter.

    The argument playing out was probably an old one and not the first time. The way things went down is RL, if staged it would play out more like what you would imagine with all the histrionics and blood required.

    I get that, but the edit is like showing the guy shot first, and then the backstory of why. Someone had to do that on iMovie or something.  And I'm not saying they were Scorsese acting, they were 6th grade Christmas play acting.  If my GF got shot in front of me, I doubt I would explain to the shooter I have it all recorded and keep rolling tape, especially if my camera was also a phone.  To be honest, I'm not saying I even believe what I'm alleging, it just all seems off.  Wouldn't there be at least one exit wound?  I don't know.  It just doesn't look right.

  4. Apparently Chad is still dead, but there’s something wrong with the video and everyone’s reactions.  They all look like they’re acting, no one is freaking out, including Chads girlfriend, no blood, nothing happened when Kyle shot at his feet point blank.  Something’s not right here.

    edit to add:  and the two camera setup and edit?  Wtf?

  5. 1 hour ago, βhyde said:

    Yeah. For some reason it sounds like a John Mellencamp song to me.

    Little ditty about Kyle and Chad
    Two American idiots growin' up in the heartland

    Kyle, he's gonna be a 2A star
    Chad's dying bleeding on Kyle's porch

    Oh yeah, Kyle goes on
    Long after the killin' of Chad is done
    I say, oh yeah say Kyle goes on
    Long after the killin' of Chad is done
    Now walk on


  6. 2 hours ago, benwynn said:

    Maybe my family has been exceptional, but any agreement that one parent gets the kid as a specific time is dysfunctional right there. 

    I agree completely, and I’m not one of those, but I dated a girl who had a really bad divorce and pick up time was 5:00 Friday.  Both ways.  The controlling asshole threatened court action EVERY week if it wasn’t met. It was so fucked, especially for the kids.  

  7. 10 minutes ago, silent bob said:

    I’ve called the cops on several trespassers on my property that wouldn't leave when asked, a private parking area that is posted with No Trespassing, No Smoking, and No Loitering signs.   They like to sit and smoke.  The LAPD RARELY responds, even when the trespassers have threatened me with violence and I have related this to the dispatchers!  Serval times, they have responded over an hour later, so that they have given the trespassers time to finish up and move along.  

    That sucks.  We're getting back to the old west.

  8. 3 minutes ago, chum said:

    Love the personal attacks, it lets me know there's no other arguments.

    When you're entire premise is that firing Dr Fauci and Ivermectin are the answers to lower the death rate of Covid to zero, and repeating Sol's line and using Sealion wrong over and over, we may as well talk about college football instead since it's Saturday.  Go Aztecs.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, chum said:

    Yeah, um nar, look again, the spike was across the board all regions. Higher in the south, yes, but try not to concentrate on shiny objects. Is he not president of the whole US? or just some parts lol...

    Maybe we have different versions of a spike from your own graph.  We have mountains here, we don't call them hills.

    But keep running with this narrative about a devastating spike since July when we are down from 4000/day to about 1000/day deaths since Jan 16th.  You can't even take that as a positive?

    And from your own article:  See where vaccination is an important feature of herd immunity?  And no mention of the livestock ant-parasitic symptom reducer?

    In the U.S., someone who is vaccinated has less than 1/10th the risk of getting seriously ill as someone who is not. 

    This level of protection against severe disease makes it possible that—even if we can’t eliminate transmission of the coronavirus soon—we can get to a level of population immunity where COVID’s effects can be manageable. For example, by achieving high levels of vaccination before the summer of 2021, countries like Germany, Spain, and Canada have kept their COVID-related death rates much lower than what we have seen in the U.S.—even though they have seen surges in cases like those seen in the U.S. COVID mortality rates in these countries are similar to the death rates from suicide or motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. Each of these deaths is a tragedy, but this comparison suggests that, if we can increase vaccination levels, we can eventually get COVID-19 to a level where its effects are like those of other major public health concerns in this country. 

  10. Just now, chum said:

    Been at the helm while we're experiencing another spike in covid deaths since he declared we had the upper hand in July? 

    Not fired the Fauc?

    Sealion much?

    It's the actual topic of the thread!  But I'm glad I taught you a new term.  

    We do have the upper hand if people will do what they need to do, like get vaccinated,  and summers would cool down enough so people stay away from Biker rallies and UF losing football games.

    Why would he fire a scientist?  The scientist doesn't make any policy.  Do you want Brix back to write laws?

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