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  1. Apparently the first iteration of this said, "McConnell has too many chins and not enough brains." LOL cite: CNN just now.
  2. What a fucking JOKE you are. Go back and read the first few pages of Covid threads on PA and look at how wrong the elk was. You are talking about February 2020 when no one knew what the fuck was going on including you. "It's just the flu" bullshit. Welcome to 2021 where your hero is a pathetic melting ghost of himself. And you can't simultaneously say 99% of "the media" pushes something and that Fox News is the #1 media company. Fucking douchenozzle.
  3. Dominion suing the My Pillow Dog now. I'm sure he's an expert on their decades old IP.
  4. If so, a President can break every law in the land in the last few weeks of his Presidency without consequences, at least impeachable consequences. A major flaw in the Constitution. Let's see if he suffers criminal or civil consequences. If not. That part of the Constitution is even more flawed and needs to be corrected.
  5. The Q-elk here all voted for Sarah Palin. Because she was chosen for her keen intellect, not for her gender.
  6. Lol! Sorry your boyfriend lost loser. Take the posters off your bedroom walls little girl.
  7. Maybe, but I think it would be like Perot. He did exactly what you say and it totally fucked the R's as I think would be the case this time. The deplorables would suck a few EV's from the rational R party maybe. D electorals probably wouldn't be too affected. Think Georgia, if R's split between the Deplorable Party and the Rational Party, D's win in a landslide. Texas and AZ probably the same. Florida would elect a fourth party that doesn't exist, just because... Florida... I'm with Ismael. Start that party now. It will also make it easier to weed out the absolute scum for 75% of
  8. There's no argument to lose. You're the Ted Cruz of PA, so your complete fealty to the loser ex-president doesn't allow you to think critically.
  9. Go boys and girls, it's time. You have the perfect opportunity with money to start the Patriot Party and a center-right party that rejects the Proud Boys and will be "fiscally conservative". Start now. Do it.
  10. Yeah that must be annoying. I don't have to worry about that. Just shows it's a systemic political problem that needs to changed.
  11. She can handle it, while Joe does the heavy lifting quietly in the background. He already is and the cult doesn't even know about it.
  12. Now I just picture a sweaty Jizzy wearing a searsucker suit by day and a hood by night in Macon.
  13. Too bad this wasn't a criminal trial. Must be weird to velcro yourself to Ted Cruz like you do. Were you in DC on Jan 6th?
  14. "We are going to stop the steal" "Fight like hell" “Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country" You have to have selective hearing to not hear what he said. Again, what do you think he wanted them to do? Write strongly worded letters? And he would have to be the most inept President in history if he didn't listen to DOJ, police, etc. to know that the mob wasn't planning something and he didn't cancel the rally. If he didn't want it to happen he could have ended it on January 5th. He knew, and if he didn't that's on him.
  15. So there was no "imminent lawless action". 1 hour isn't imminent?
  16. Or provoke it. Would that insurrection have happened if he didn't send out invitations for the exact date and time of the certification, have warm up acts saying trial by combat, saying exactly where to go, that he would be there with him and which street to take? Would this have happened but for Trump?
  17. I know you're going by exact words and not the reactions and actions. But trial by combat isn't ambiguous. It's just an out for you to defend the loser you backed. You don't care about anything that happened, you're just pissed he lost. Were you there on the 6th?
  18. You obviously didn't watch the case. Of course it was planned, Trump sent out invitations weeks before, his campaign paid for the stage and amps and microphones. He had warm up acts saying Trial by Combat. It was all planned. The incitement wasn't one word or even one speech. It was a planned insurrection that Trump incited from the beginning.
  19. in·cite·ment /inˈsītmənt/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: incitement; plural noun: incitements the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully. "The mob was fed lies," McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said on the Senate floor. "They were provoked by the President and other powerful people."
  20. Really? Never heard him call for a long "fight" against infidels? Never?
  21. Did one single person at any of those campaign speeches storm the capitol? Did rednecks storm the Michigan Capitol and US capitol after Trump "encouraged violence".
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