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  1. I know, right? Some skate punk rat defacing a public sign is intolerable. The beach camping looks fun though, I don't see any boards so everyone must have paddled out.
  2. I guess Vermin thinks the guy who sells books online and is about to blast himself into space is also sitting in the copy room of his newspaper. Busy guy.
  3. Don't we have data now on what opening up under Obama did just a few short years ago? Small sample size to be sure, but at least valid data, no?
  4. That was a very common bucket list item in highschool and after, ski Big Bear in the morning, surf 36th St or sail beer cans in the afternoon.
  5. So you get off the plane in california (only shit head fucks call it cali) and politics hit you in the face? Stop being such a pussy.
  6. I was dating a girl from Redondo who, of course, always called it the Strand. I said "The Strand" one time referring to the Newport boardwalk to someone and almost got my head ripped off. And I'm from fucking Newport! Pussy is a dangerous drug.
  7. Why do only people in Manhattan and Redondo call a boardwalk the Strand? It's a dead give away, like NoCal people saying hella. Just wondering.
  8. Who in the fuck would spend a Saturday in July going to a has-been ex-President's "rally"?
  9. So just to be clear, the sea wart used a CNN liberal counterpoint example to show that CNN is just as biased as Faux? Did I get that right? Or is he using CNN as legitimate commentary to reinforce his own point? Is he playing 3D Go Fish or is he just the least prepared kid on the debate team winging his argument?
  10. Longer than 9 1/2 minutes, shorter than dead. Still wondering?
  11. Please hold, we are currently experiencing a high volume of arrests and investigations of insurrectionists, Proud Boys, White Supremacists, 3%'ers, rednecks, Magats, Florida Congressmen, GOP lawyers, the former guy's organizations and illegal data collection. We will answer your call about voter fraud, black on black violence and Arizona bamboo ballots in the order in which they are relevant. (queue everlasting Yanni hold music)
  12. Yep, some toy that they pretend has some sort of constitutional backing, even though they only read the parts they think does so and not the parts where it explicitly says otherwise. But whatever, they have small dicks or the gun chicks want to impress the guys with small dicks because they have tattoos and a tall truck.
  13. When a dumbfuck does dumbfuck things on an hourly basis, we probably need to reset our timelines to professionals doing their jobs in a professional time.
  14. This. It doesn't matter if he loses Florida by 10 votes or a million. He's going to lose because Florida is batshit crazy, but he could still win the EC easily like last time. So he should do the right thing, follow his own (and Obama's) lead, and normalize. Would be better for the DNC to concentrate on the idiot senators anyway.
  15. Doesn't matter, he'll never sail it.
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