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  1. Jesus Christ, kids are the Lord of the Flies sometimes. And in real life, unless you are a farmer or hermit, having social skills is important.
  2. It's not "fit in", it's find your tribe and your tribe will protect. Whatever it is.
  3. Then you accept the kids not being around other people. I've watched the most boring games ever but they engage each other, make friends and eliminate idle hands. It doesn't matter if they win or lose. I Scuba dive too, what does that have to do with anything?
  4. Thank you. Bright for a relatively small Idaho high school, , albeit in a high end area and our kids coming from California. Seems to be working out quite well.
  5. Maybe not electives, but teachers are telling us, and always have, GATE for example, whether our kids should move up. We basically talked to the counselor and said "what do they have to do to get into Stanford" If they don't, no biggie, but it's a solid goal to get into other colleges. And the kids are totally onboard.
  6. Completely disagree as a parent of kids in accelerated classes. I can't put them in anything, it's up to the teachers and schools, at least here. And college credits for advanced classes is all about money and college applications in the very near future.
  7. I understand your point, but there is a correct answer for every one of those. As bad as it may be. For example, Bohemia is in a brown bottle. Never drink a Mexican beer from a clear bottle. I mean, that's not fucking hard to figure out.
  8. Go ahead. Start it. Sorry your hero lost but you are a petulant little bitch who no one cares about. Just like you're ridiculous messiah. Seriously, you and your tribe are completely irellevent. A footnote mistake in US history that no one will teach.
  9. Can we please leave Idaho out of this? Thank you.
  10. LOL. Rick just makes me laugh. He has zero fucks to give. And he is kind of an asshole. He's the exact opposite of @dog with the same political mentality. They both suck, but Rick would suck much less having a beer in a palapa methinks. Lol, you do you Boothy.
  11. I'll show him this picture. Jesus those boards were stupid. Lol.
  12. Nah,Old skool, I know you're a good guy. By the way Bing lives here, I see him every couple of weeks. His wife just died and he's not doing well. But such a nice guy.
  13. Come on bro,you aren't this jaded. You've only been in California for a bit. Tranquilo.
  14. Boothy is far from an asshole and would be a great guy to have a Pacifico on the beach with. He seems a little bitter that he's back in Redondo or wherever, but nah, he's solid.
  15. And @dog won't be along at all because he's a pussy who finally flamed out on Jan 6th.
  16. I sell the cool shit you can build. No dirty fingernails. Just a dirty conscience.
  17. Not one witness has said he would have died right then anyway had he not had a knee on his neck for >9 min. The rest is irrelevant. Now do Daunte Wright.
  18. To be fair, he's genius. Who would want to pinch up to leeward of him and his crew, like ever. I would say he would always have clean air but it sounds like any air around him would be less than clean.
  19. You poor angry little bitch. No one here needs to get laid more than you.
  20. "clan" meeting. So what if he does? Maybe he's Scottish. You idiot.
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