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  1. I get that but I don't think it's a good enough reason to not do it. I think Silicon Valley, et al. are smarter than Q weirdos and could make it happen safely.
  2. Half the Canuck hockey team has the virus with some in "rough shape". Man, you would think professional athletes would have been vaccinated by now.
  3. Even better. Put drop boxes at malls and Target and Walmart. (Are there still malls?)
  4. Just make the Friday after Thanksgiving a national voting holiday so everyone is thinking about it, you don't have to work for real anyway and there are no good sports on. Go vote before the regatta or vote drunk after. Watch the electorate explode. If there's snow and you're going on vacation skiing, vote early.
  5. He either had sex with a 17 year old or he didn't, that's all that matters.
  6. So you're not going to address the fact that Dominion are owned by a New York Investment firm? Why do you keep calling them a Canadian company? You're not going to address that it was ES&S who bought the IP from Diebold, not Dominion? Do you think Dominion don't have any accountability to State and Federal election commissions? Look, I honestly don't give a fuck about which systems we use as long as it gets to the point where every America, within their legal rights, can easily and safely vote by phone, computer, onsite, mail and smoke signal. If your answer to that is blockchain, the
  7. And owned by State Staple Street Capital in fucking Boston New York? Jesus fucking Christ, what a lying q-anon bullshitter,
  8. Why doesn't quoofy mention Dominion has headquarters in Denver, his own fucking state? Fucking bullshitter.
  9. He would have much more credibility, or maybe any credibility, if he for once brought up that ESS bought the tech from Diebold originally. But he has noooooo problem with their machines, since his guy won a lot of those states. It's all such bullshit. Whatever tech let's me vote from my phone as safely and easily as checking my bank account balance works for me. He's just tilting at faux news spinning windmills. Next.
  10. Besides the q bullshit he spews, woofy denies the fact that the IT was likely corrected when it was proven in a controlled test. TWO COMPANIES and 20 years ago. But he likes saying Diebold because he thinks that 20 year old boogie man still matters. Next.
  11. I don't know about "want", but Lauren Boebert couldn't care less that it happened.
  12. I think Biden will fix it like Obama did, hopefully for good. The guy has a lot of shit to deal with. Only idiots like the elk above don't see that.
  13. You are miserable. Just end it now, it's going to be a long 4 years.
  14. And Aurora in the middle of those two.
  15. Because 1 out of 7 actually earned their money and didn't inherit it?
  16. How would anyone know if he said anything about anything?
  17. See, when dog and a few others aren't pouring oil into the freshwater tank I really learn some good shit here. I was all for "make them talk for hours", but Sol and Ease and olson and others are correct here. Fuck gumming up the works, kill it, get shit done, new states, more justices, pass laws, end voter suppression. It will likely bite us in the ass at some point, but the assholes will have to waste time undoing shit instead of creating new evil shit in the future. Kill it and fuck what Moscow Mitch thinks.
  18. Kids here in the private school, their parents being in the best American category, never matriculate well to higher education. They all go to Brown or Denver University or Georgetown and they are way behind. Private schools are a scam.
  19. Same with prestigious private high schools. Once you’ve paid up there is no incentive for them to give the kid anything but good grades. It would just make the school look bad. All typical privileged bullshit.
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