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  1. What is your definition of arms? Were those 30 deaths in the Capitol building interrupting the peaceful transition of power? Did you lose a dime during the protests against racist police? What skin do you have in the game? None, unless you were at the Capitol. Were you?
  2. So a white guy says, "I would hire you if you weren't black." what do you do?
  3. Not all of them https://fortune.com/2021/03/04/biden-administration-lifts-trump-scotch-whisky-tariffs/
  4. I'd like to believe you but dog said it was exactly 82 people and his reputation here is impeccable.
  5. Has anyone tried harder and failed to be Hunter S Thompson? Jesus, where does anyone even read Taibbi anymore? He's like watching a new James Woods movie* or buying the new Ted Nugent album*. *There aren't any
  6. I got DD, haven't gotten this one yet though like those lucky bastards above.
  7. Really?? I can't even get into the DMV faster than that happened. I'm blown away by this.
  8. Meh, the one about the wars and 9/11 is bullshit, no one considers deaths outside of combat during those wars as part of what he was talking about. Of course people died during those times from something unrelated to combat, but they are wars and that was the context. And either Trump downplayed the virus or he didn't, he told Woodward he was downplaying it on purpose so that's a non-starter for me too.
  9. If you discussed facts that would be true, but you just bullshit your way through talking points from other sketchy sources. You're basically the RWNM aggregator for PA. You're a feature, not a bug.
  10. If the bus company is following the proper protocols and the person is masked up and staying away from people as much as possible then yes. I've been flying a lot, I assume there are positive people on every plane, it's all being handled as well as possible. I never thought to ask the other passengers if they were migrants or not.
  11. Exactly and no one is stopping positive Americans from going about their day as best they can. The migrants apply for Asylum and then go quarantine or wear a mask or do whatever safety measures that the 118,000,000 people have done when they tested positive. It doesn't matter what piece of land they are standing on, it matters what they do with that information to keep others safe. Do you think they are coming in to go to So. Padre Island with all the idiot Spring Breakers?
  12. Sure, why does it matter if they are migrants? Especially in Texas where nothing about Covid matters anyway.
  13. If they are seeking asylum what's the problem?
  14. Well since you were wildly wrong about him investing in any hydroxy, you kind of stumbled into that.
  15. So you have been consistently wrong throughout this thread. Nice work.
  16. Has the rate of vaccinations gone up since Feb. 25th?
  17. You don't have to be a subscriber, but anyway... The Trump administration continues to stockpile 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to use against Covid-19 despite it not being seen as an effective treatment. Meanwhile, some patients with lupus, which the drug is proven to work against, can’t fully fill their prescriptions. Federal trade adviser Peter Navarro criticized the results of large clinical trials debunking hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness for Covid-19 during an interview Wednesday with CNN. He said he would continue to stockpile millions of doses of the dr
  18. Why the fuck do you lie so much? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-29/u-s-sits-on-millions-of-pills-that-work-for-lupus-but-not-covid
  19. After the last few days, I'm feeling the 4th of July is going to be raging. Independence from the virus, independence from Trump, Independence Day. I think that's the day.
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