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  1. Or you could support your own claim, not that elk ever do.
  2. Seriously, if you're main platform now is Gab, you may as well be giving speeches at Bob's Country Bunker.
  3. Nope, 100% of our defense budget and tax cuts for the .01% are now all borrowed money and this bill is 0% borrowed, in fact it earns interest, because math changed on Jan 20th.
  4. Agreed and we could probably take a couple $100B from Defense.
  5. There's a shitload more to the bill than that and I suspect you were perfectly fine with the CARES act and supplemental bill logging in a $3T since the last guy was in office then. But welcome back aboard the fiscal express.
  6. 2 confirmations, including a stellar AG, and a historic bill passed. Nice to see shit quietly getting done.
  7. That is unbelievable. If he was born in iceland and named Jeff people would look at him like a freak, like he does with black people. Pure flat out racism.
  8. OK, I get it. I think I'm just used to the companies I've worked for have usually given year end bonuses, bought equipment at the end of the year, or, frankly, bonused out the owner to rid taxable cash. Usually it was good for everyone. Not sure why spreading it out over a year to employees instead is much different, but you've explained some other ways you have to rid cash, or have to spend non discretionally. Obviously those were not Covid years.
  9. Wouldn't you get to write off the extra labor expenses on your business taxes?
  10. Whatever, add it to my CLEAR, or passport or pre-check or Global entry or all of them.
  11. Are vaccination rates going up since Feb 25th?
  12. Are the rates of vaccinations going up or down from three weeks ago?
  13. Christ, is the mutt right about anything? His posts from Feb. 25th about vaccinations dropping and now a couple weeks later we're at 2.2M per day? Nothing he says ages well.
  14. He doesn't think he's knows them, he thinks he should tell them how to be and what to think, just like he does with every other topic where he feigns superiority on the subject.
  15. Biden is directly responsible for not holding superspreader magat rallies which likely got 1000's of people sick and/or dead. That one difference has saved lives.
  16. The problem isn't one post, it's the entire body of work. I have to manage my wasted time here.
  17. You do know that we have bases in other countries for our strategic benefit, not necessarily theirs, right? Which other countries have bases in the US?
  18. I would much rather have someone parsing their words and being diplomatic, then a stream of consciences psychopath calling people childish names and making it up as he goes.
  19. Why? It won’t affect you in any way whatsoever. You are irrelevant and lack any ideology. So hope away if it helps you Jack off to tucker better.
  20. It doesn't from CEO's, but public bridges don't build themselves.
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