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  1. In the '60s Richard, his brother Stephen Gendreau, and I had become well known for catching waves with Our Kite class dinghies at Steamers Lane and riding the waves into shore at Cowles beach where Jack had his first surfboard rental shack. Jack Oneil bought one of the first Pacific Cat catamarans and enlisted us to teach him how to surf with it. I think we flipped it in the first wave we caught and broke the mast. Lesson learned he got a new mast and we had a great time that summer scarring the surfers!!! I meant scaring, but surfers can get mean when you are on their wave might have been som
  2. To me it's a toss up between New Zealand KZ-1 and Alinghi 5. But Shamrock had some pretty big losers too!
  3. Change wanker to cocksucker and you have the Americanized version!
  4. I can't find the link to the virtual eye track of the race! Will someone please post it?
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