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  1. Congrats ETNZ, been a fun watch. Now I can go to bed!
  2. Not enough shifts in this for LR to have a shot here....
  3. I gotcha, all good on YouTube with a VPN bummed, because for once, NBC’s broadcast hasn’t been shit (like interrupting a perfectly good race with commercials mid leg), and the HD is actually HD.
  4. F NBC Sports and their shit tape delay ... until 1:30 f’ing AM. And they wonder why we pirate?
  5. Question, is the racing late in the day due to TV, or is it weather in NZ?
  6. Actually he did. Leebowed them back to the left, ETNZ simply tacked away... into a right shift. Tough call. The book says cover, but with the wind phasing back and forth like that, they gotta decide to blow through if they think the wind is going right, or do what they did thinking it’s staying where it is or going left. Didn’t envy having to make that call...
  7. Dozed off and missed the start, woke just in time for the first lead change, now this is some good fun!
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