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  1. Otto is planning a UFO Event in Charleston on December 15-16, with maybe a clinic on the 14th, Fulcrum Speedworks will be there.
  2. Polar Diagram from j88class.org documents page: • Speed Guide, Polar Diagram (5/2/13) J88_Speed_Guide_J88.pdf
  3. I’m at Houston YC this weekend.

    1. True North

      True North

      Are you there for Laser Nats?  Due to family issues, I can only travel to one regatta a year, and it's Wurstfest in November.

      Let me know what you're doing there.  I sailed Lasers a lot in the 70s at HYC....

    2. Bill's Sock Puppet

      Bill's Sock Puppet

      Yes, on a whim I entered the the Laser Nationals.  So far is a great vacation.

    3. True North

      True North

      Excellent.  Have fun!

  4. Wow! another amazing UFO foiling clinic for the record books. Thank you Dave, Kirk, Andrew, and the rest of Team Fulcrum Speedworks! Friday it was sunny and windy with a bunch of new faces, it was good to be foiling again. Saturday was warmer, we practiced some more boat handling skills, and early in the afternoon the southerly filled in — by the end of the day there were a lot of tired sailors. Sunday we traded sunny skies for a cloudy, gusty, whitecappy, drizzly, 18 kt ENE wind. Our launch site was from the WSW corner of Mt Hope Bay, so we had a good 4 miles of fetch to d
  5. I got insurance from Geico Marine online for some regatta last September, there were no questions about foils. It only covers covers a up to $300k for injury and property damage, but maybe the OA will accept the mandatory $939,800 Fuel Spill Liability.
  6. You are correct, you need to find a steel rod with threads on one end and a hole on the other. The threads go into this wheel, the hole is the upper gudgeon for the rudder. It is used to adjust the rake of the rudder foil.
  7. Hot off the press from J Books, just in time for Charleston Race Week.
  8. We have an extra UFO on the dock - ready to sail, if anyone want to come down and sail, but can't be bothered to bring a boat. Also Dave said he's going to be there, so it will be a mini-clinic fro the rest of us. (as long as he's still in sight.)
  9. On March 31's we have a short distance race open to Lasers and UFO's. There is no entry fee, but you have to pay for dinner at the club if you stay. Link to the Race info and stuff.
  10. Um yea, the SI dimensions should be cm and the GC is actually further aft without the rigging. There is quite a bit of deck camber on the UFO, so transporting it upside down might be a bit wobbly.
  11. Congratz! and welcome. Approximately, width of the hulls 5'-8" (173mm) and the width between the hulls (the tunnel) 3'-8" (112mm) - center of balance approximately 3' (91mm) forward of transom.
  12. Note from J88 Class President:
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