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  1. Entz had left on first beat when they were both splitting. Any good fortune in that? Ie headwind in left phase?
  2. Was thinking the same after that race and the previous two.....ineos were not as far away as thought.....
  3. My concern for entz is that LR didn't have to do anything wildly high risk or seemingly difficult. In these conditions their high mode is excellent. Be interesting to see if they can use their high mode from behind this time i.e. In less wimd, can they come from behind after a less than even start. . They couldn't in race one(wednesday)....but that was sailed in more wind.
  4. This thread is for jumper discussion only please kindly. Let's have no drift.
  5. Did Ben and Ken Read get on back then? .....seem to remember there was something in Ben's book about kopping flak from someone when Ben was on the runners but in the book he declines to name names. Anyone?
  6. The race from 1:35 is worth a rewatch given what we now know of LR. If the wind is light it could be close.
  7. A concern I would have re INEOS' team, would be keeping them together for the next cycle, especially if it went over a 3 year timescale, specifically Grant Simmer......my understanding from this round is that he was almost doing it as a last spin.
  8. Whenever Ben comes up on screen my wife retells the story of how he "danced" with her at a ski lodge.............as I type this, i realise that I have far more anger towards Ben than I previously appreciated.......and a more sound basis than most on this forum....... ..........shit! I should have been cheering for LR.
  9. Ben most likely got laid again last night........so that's 90% of SA posters pissed already......good luck to him I say.
  10. BA was only 19 when he took silver and 23 when he took gold from RS.......and along the way there were protests for "all the marbles", in summary the guy has bottle...hope he can start winning again this weekend. FYI, there's a pretty constant stream on these threads that Ben is arrogant, conceited, an asshole etc, but what I see is just cultural difference. For most of the questions that he is being asked he is working hard to not give a sarcastic/humorous response. Basically, in England, a good proportion of conversation involves taking the piss out of others or yourself e.g. whereas on
  11. I misread the title of one of the threads and was left with two thoughts: 1) What the hell is going on in the world!!! 2) Is my dick at risk from INEOS? at what size do they "get angry"?
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