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  1. Stand down right now, Fred. We are weighing our options. Got a few feelers out for old boats that I can steal a board from. (Got any leads on that?) The board is sitting down at Robert Cummings shop. He wants the work if we decide to reconstruct it. Will keep you in the loop. Cheers!
  2. Hey Snags. I never would claim to be a Snaggletothian grammar nazi, but shouldn't that be "ceppoe"?
  3. Hey Mark! Been a while since those Schock 35 days, eh?
  4. AFAIK The boat was in Annapolis for a while. Then it was dry sailed in the Houston area. We purchased it in July of 2020. It went straight into our local boat shop and got bottom paint slapped on it. I'm now thinking that because the shop couldn't lift the boat up enough to drop the board all the way down, it may have had some cracks up high (likely caused by freezing, although the board never swelled enough to hinder the up and down through the slot). And like Sail4beer says above, those cracks precipitated the failure. End of story. Thanks for the input. Don't you fret none. I'm going t
  5. The keel was all the way up when we retrieved the boat on a ramp. The crane was used to lift the board out of the boat while the boat was on the trailer. So, no, the crane did not do this. Also, as stated above, we dove the boat while we were rafted up on the lake with friends and discovered the damage then. So... Here's a little tidbit that helps with what Sail4beer says above. I crawled under the boat today and inspected the hull where the board exits. It is clean and shows no scratches or gouges that would more than likely be there if the repeated lifting and dropping of the board
  6. Yup. Water expands when it freezes. But, expanding on what I've said above, the boat was in a deep water slip with the board all the way down. The bottom of the boat is 14 inches from the water line. The damage begins at least six inches below the point where the board exits the boat. Our lake does not freeze over.
  7. She was in the water on A Dock at RCYC. It's about 35 feet deep there. The damage to the keel would have been about two feet or more down.
  8. Hey Dennis. Moving back to SD is beyond our means at the moment, besides we are having too much fun here. Can't you tell? Cliffy is still living the life in Lake Havasu. He was supposed to come out to SDYC for Opening Day, but had a Pickle Ball tournament! The wife & I will be heading your way for the Women's Invitational in February. We will see you at Fiddlers!
  9. Eric Schlageter was a great guy. Sailed with and against him in SD for many years. He should still be with us. Boat is at the one true RCYC. Not that smaller club up on the other side of the northern border wall. S2 side of Tiara is mostly dead. Luckily, I can get a template kit from Computer Keels.
  10. Great. Went to bed just a normal guy looking for advice and woke up a cheater. Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas. We had a hell of a freeze back in Feb, but the lake never froze over. No way would I try to fix this myself. Leaving it to the professionals. My wife (aside from having great tits) makes good money. So, all good there!
  11. She is kept on a dock. Board down. The board was perfect when we put her in the water a year ago. We never hit anything in that time. I imagine it would be a huge noticeable bump to do that kind of damage. The board always moved up and down in the box while sailing with no problems. Although that may explain how the glass was ripped off in such straight lines.
  12. Bottom was clean. Good divers are hard to find in these parts. I like our guy. Just don't think he understands sailboats. Funny thing is we never noticed a pointing problem. Just slow. Really slow. I've been floating around SA since close to the beginning. I, as well as my wife, laughed at the tit request. Guess we need to grow up too. We lost by 1 Hour and 15 minutes. The dude that won the race was Jeff Progelhof. Current J22 World Champion skipper. So, I think we will still have our work cut out for us once we get this all figured out. Fred has been contacted.
  13. Foam filler over lead. So, a bit more complicated I imagine?
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