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  1. Great idea, but in my experience the pin/bearing/ring ding/tool that I drop is going to bounce off the fluke of the anchor at an angle carefully calculated to just miss the outside edge of the umbrella. Hopefully your mileage will vary.
  2. Whoever created this has been talking to mother-in-law.
  3. Here's hoping you all have good holiday.
  4. You've chosen to ignore content by Sea warrior. Options Did someone say anything relevant or even salient? I didn't think so.
  5. Well, she ran for public office. Regardless of party, that seems to be an indicator that morals, as we know them, are low on their priority list.
  6. Clearly you didn't read the entirety of my post. I'm not surprised. You tend to cherry pick that which suits you and ignore the context. So be it. The point, which went so conveniently over your head was that gun rights activists are opposing the Texas law. I've already admitted that I misspoke when I invoked the NRA. Why you harp on my error instead of responding to the intent of the post escapes me.
  7. Jim Acosta @Acosta ยท 13h CNN: Weekly claims for unemployment benefits fell below pre-pandemic levels last week, according to data from Labor Department. Last week's jobless claims totaled 199,000 when adjusted for seasonal swings, lowest level since November 15, 1969.
  8. What's to misunderstand? 1) They attempted murder. 2) They succeeded. Yes, it's a bit over the top, but the jury could have found for the lesser over the greater. In this case, they found for both. Unusual, but understandable. I can see why the prosecution included the lesser charge. Especially after that mouth breather Rittenhouse got his get out of jail card.
  9. Perhaps I shouldn't have used a blanket term to describe all the gun nutters, so sorry about that. Are you suggesting that the gun activists who are supporting the lawsuit are not also NRA members?
  10. ROTFLMFAO! Thanks Solo. That made my day.
  11. Well Mad? Are you going to add your voice to protesting the Texas law?
  12. What do you want to bet that it glows in the dark.
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