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  1. OK, that's funny. You must be one of the five people on the planet (besides those that wrote it) that have actually read the FaceBook end user agreement.
  2. Like that worked out so well for the Warren Commission...
  3. I kid you not. I've known two people with the names Rusty Nail and Warren Pease.
  4. That's easy. As Dog would have it, if a D proposes it, it's evil, bad, not well thought out or just plain stupid. If an R proposes it, it is the word of God as passed down to Moses from Mount Sinai via a burning bush.
  5. Good questions. I'm hopeful they get their just deserts, but I'm afraid that it will be business as usual.
  6. See if his division still exists. There might be a veteran's group that might have records.
  7. One must consider the pluses and minuses.
  8. That's quite the stream of consciousness you have going there. Fortunately for you, this is not a No Finnegan's Wake Zone...
  9. I'm not sure that giving away the IP will be all that useful as far as fighting the pandemic is concerned. It will take weeks or even months for new manufacturing facilities to be built. In the meantime, pretty much any facility capable of producing the vaccine is already subcontracted by one of the patent holders. Plus, there is a limited supply of some of the raw materials required to produce these compounds. If we put too much pressure on these materials, vaccine production may actually fall off despite increased capacity. On the other hand, much of the formulations and technology is o
  10. It's probably an access panel to allow a plumber to work on tub or shower fittings. It's not uncommon in older buildings where someone had to cut a hole in a wall to make a previous repair.
  11. I admit, I have a Facebook account. I haven't checked it in over 2 years. If the orange shitstain is allowed back on, I'll delete my account. And no one will care, least of all Zuckerberg.
  12. Please God, not again. Surely we can do better this time. I didn't use the purple font for a reason, but I won't hold it against anyone who thinks I should have.
  13. And what did you do about it? Oh, that's right, you bugged out for another shithole country. I'm glad that worked for you. Honestly I am. Sometimes I wish I had done the same... However, some of us decided to stay here and try to solve our problems. We ain't perfect, far from it, but at least we didn't run away.
  14. You do realize that... Oh that's right, I forgot that you don't have a fucking clue.
  15. Oh my god. That's sick. Funny as shit, but sick. I must be an evil person for laughing at that.
  16. Fine. Run them out of town on the same rail as Cruz, Graham and McConnell. I have zero tolerance for corruption. This is where Dog, the Elk and I disagreed. He/they could put up with it as long as a Republican was guilty. Dem's not so much. I on the other hand would send them all to jail.
  17. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ted-cruz-walter-shaub-republicans_n_608f1ca7e4b0c15313f54bc2 In a Wall Street Journal column last week, Cruz warned that CEOs opposing Republican threats to voting rights will be excluded from his party’s pay-to-play legislative operation — because they’re no longer conservative enough for the GOP. For example, Republicans will stop accepting donations in exchange for “looking the other way” when corporate bigwigs dodge taxes, Cruz wrote in a stunningly honest admission of his party’s current modus operandi. Jesus Christ! He's
  18. So did the Op buy it?
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