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  1. Navico use port 10110 for NMEA0183 data. You should also use the IP of the transmiting device, not the WIFI-1. WIFI-1 is only a rugged router. I don't think H5000 transmit that data, only chartplotters. Both my Zeus Touch and Zeus3 do transmit it.
  2. Yes, Zeus3 will do the work, only if wind instrument and boat speed are N2K and not directly hardwire to H5000 like 213MHU.
  3. The webserver of the H5000 use websocket, and it is not always included in mobile browser.
  4. I asked myself the same question when I had my 1st shot. Are they still playing with us? But the efficiency is so high that they donĀ«'t need any more data. Real life will provide it. Anyway, got my 2nd shot Monday. Here in Quebec, initial 16 weeks between shots can be changed on the web site as soon as 8 weeks has pass. For us, it's been 10 weeks, the soft spot for max efficiency.
  5. and TFG is (still) the best POTUS ever... This is what I call high standard.
  6. This guy has the code of the space laser...
  7. If you can't answer that yourself, I understand where all the rest comes from.
  8. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that a lot of people got it and are less prone to reinfection, and a lot of people are vaccinated, and a lot of people are still taking some precautions. Still pushing your single variable equation.
  9. Problem is they don't give a fuck of others. Their freedum is above everything,
  10. From someone who put his freedum above others life. Whaaat? You have a boat? I would not trust you with rule 10.
  11. Why only Tarrant county? All those 73000 were all from Tarrant county?
  12. I put a new coat each spring. It is so thin, no build up even after 33 years. If the barrier coat get exposed, it will be hard to make VC17 stick again. It will look fine after painting, but will wear off rapidly in that spot.
  13. I certainly won't start the link game with you.
  14. Give PCN a chance, he's good at distracting Kate.
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