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  1. Newbie with 26 posts and minus 30 reputation! Is that a new record?
  2. Never thaught luxury cars had those...
  3. Your interview with Rob Ball is already very popular on the C&C list.
  4. Antique hot line clamp. Used by lineman to connect small transformer to distribution line. To be used with special insulated pole, or only once with bare hands.
  5. In the N2KBuilder, Miscellaneous, the first device to the left can be define as you like. Navico has one for Ipad only, B&G System Builder.
  6. Then transfer you to another person because you're at the wrong department...
  7. Received one at christmas in the sixties.
  8. Ok, what the fuck happened in Jan 2018? Mid term elections?
  9. And in the next frame of that film, they are bouncing on the ground...
  10. Huge deception in those eyes
  11. I'm sure some dogs would lick that shit stain..
  12. Voted yesterday, 10 minutes. Would have been less without the first table where they take your ID and phone number for tracing in case of... Still taking precaution here in Qc.
  13. F I A T - Fix It Again Toni
  14. I had a set of Ziari vintage that went overboard during a buggy day (read fucking-to-much-flies-around-my-head day). Current one is Oakley Radar with bronze polarized lens (2nd set of lens). Changed the lens recently for Black Iridium Pol.
  15. H5000 CPU don't have memory to store data. Try that for Windows Laptop https://github.com/AndyBryson/WsLogger
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