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  1. my motor sits under a huge hatch almost 2'x2' that is the forward 1/2 of the cockpit floor so my boat an extra shoal presto inspired CB kat ketch maybe ideal for airflow and bulk-headed from the cabin
  2. hot air ? they make heat guns for that back in the stone age I used a blowtorch on a wood chriscraft bottom it worked the paint would soften then bubble hit it then or it will bake and not come off but at the right temp it came off in big sheets fairly eazy
  3. IT WAS SUGGESTED oil filter glow plugs and other parts books are a key first step anyone have any experience with small air-cooled CHINA cheap diesels I am seeing ads for 5 10 20 hp units for a few hundred US$ https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=small+air-cooled+CHINA+cheap+diesels even if they only last a few hundred hours maybe worth it ? no idea of any are any good but short runs off the dock out a short channel maybe air cooling could live ?
  4. WITH COMMON DACRON eazy to add the sq yards with a factor for waste fittings and bits rope headboard slugs ect maybe 20 to 25% I guess then labor machines rent ads ins to the SHOPS real world costs ect with the nobody sells raw laminated sail materials RETAIL who knows or the costs of most glue string ect OR MOLDS how much BIG GUYS race rent an PRO SAILING experts factor into advertising cost promotion COSTS IS THE BIG UNKNOWN and one wonders how much a non racer benefits from the costs of newest fastest race tricks far too many of whi
  5. https://www.tesla.com/ ? a fair number of do it yourself types think scrap/junk cars for batterys packs as cost are a small fraction of new yes there are better batterys but the costs are MUCH HIGHER
  6. to get decent range you need the Li batterys that can burn also we had a outboard well on the c-24 that flooded to often so it was cut out and sealed a kick up mount put on the stern and the gas cans got a sealed lazarette to live in if they leak they could just blow the stern off but not leak/flow in to the bilge
  7. pressure washer [low power electric] worked well on the sunbrella canvas like covers unsure on longer term effects or effects on the actual sails but my mildew was limited to the covers
  8. lots of promise but very high cost for such a cheap common material as carbon predictions of DIAMOND strong fibers or nano tubes of carbon and films to coat with diamonds have been slow to become useful in the real world and costs are not dropping for the carbon fibers we do have available those are strong but not as strong as the nano tube diamond bonds hipped but unseen outside the labs
  9. like the placement of the outboard prop centered under the boat behind the dagger board case but I am unsure if the gas fumes are in a good place even if the prop is in the center with the motor there and raising the motor or sealing the well are big unknowns
  10. why has carbon as a material stayed at a very high cost per pound ? as more is produced and used in stuff like bikes fishing rods general sports stuff ect the cost does not look to be dropping much over time sure the labor and molds ect add costs esp with sails but there looks to be very little progress in bringing down the costs of the materials be it used in a mast , cloth for a hull or hatch or sail material raw carbon is very very cheap and eazy to get in large quantity is the process of turning raw carbon into usable fibers that costly or complex ?
  11. if that is a birds eye view your boat is knocked down mast in the water flat birds look down at things from above btw looks like some rule beating race toy unpractical for a live aboard or cruiser so something I have no use for and likely can't afford anyway
  12. https://pdfgoal.com/downloads/manual_5hp_johnson_outboard_2_cycle_pdf claims to be 30 days free with reg but the owners manuals are mostly worthless repair manuals are more usefull most cover many models and can be found on e-bay my old 2 stroke tip heat the spark plugs to burn off the old oil [unfoul] WITH A GAS STOVE OR TORCH and put them in the motor HOT IF IT CAN RUN IT WILL
  13. Kei jap 360cc class there are a bunch of them thanks to tax laws new ones ae up to 660cc now every thing fron mini trucks to 4 door sedans to mini sports cars
  14. no but he also built and sold early glass sports car bodys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasspar_G2 https://sailboatdata.com/designer/tritt-william-bill
  15. why the thick bowsprit that has nothing on it and does nothing other then the anchor line off the bottom and something else down there and looks like it sticks way out the back to hold a backstay ?
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