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  1. guys with older panels how much power loss do to age are you getting any problems with dead cells a buddy who had panels in the early 90's had quite a bit of dead cell problems that required a lot of wiring jumping the dead cells why ? some locals are selling older used panels way under 50 cents a rated watt so I wonder if the older panels are a good deal or loss too much of their rated power over time
  2. I wonder if the local hard water will build up calcium if allowed to evaporate but guess you have to get the salt spray off anyway
  3. last link worked it created an MS word doc not a pdf but is readable and caused no problems to d/l it not sure I understand the total idea but your presentation seems not to be whoo or BS I would try to put basic parts in small bites to their Q page and see what they say about them
  4. very true that is why I would try simple Q's about spin and other points you mention rather then dropping a whole new theory all at once there but there are real PHd's who are willing to discuss stuff there IF you play by their rules
  5. a bunch of physic geeks hang out here https://forum.cosmoquest.org/forumdisplay.php?8-Space-Astronomy-Questions-and-Answers read the rules as they are very pickie about how a question is presented btw I get a 404 not found on your links I am nota there also
  6. NO hemi that looks like a chevy small block valve covers are too square and narrow hemi valve covers a much wider and curved and whole motor is bigger also
  7. lived aboard at anchor 74 to after andrew in coconutt grove both my boats survived in place at anchor in andrew when very few others did yes I am old as are most of the stuff I have seen happen and no I never had or could afford the latest gear but did do some offshore miles with just the wife
  8. hope so now days but in the past it was common to see furling sails with no foil just a wire luff that replaced a head stay and there are far too many boats that leave the rolled up sail in place even if they could get it off but do not do it
  9. just an odd thought if the boat/sail are meant for passage making in high winds requiring a deep third reef should the sail cloth be heavier up top and lighter in the area taken up by the first reef as the first reef area will seldom see high winds and the top is expected to see much higher loads much longer has anyone seen a sail made that way or is that idea too far from normal practice
  10. +1 rollers are for daysailors I have gotten boats cheap after roller UN-FURLERS did as expected at a dock in a storm and seen far too many boats hit shore with flapping part UN-furled sails if you must use a roller jib use a foil slotted stay so you can get the sail off it
  11. I have a card with dates of my two shots with CDC LOGO issued by the county [miami dade] at a site run by the fla national guard so the gov issued it but can't require me to show it I guess the state Gop is nuts
  12. just have a boat were the pigs can see it is a crime here in miami dade county must be behind the building line no front yard parking even by a little bit coral gables is way worse pickups and jeeps are banned unless hidden in a garage
  13. nota


    putin is Q
  14. allman brothers band as a warm up for spirit at miami jai alia best and worst show in one nite allman's were great spirit sucked were boo ed and the crowd chanted bring back the bro's
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