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  1. When Vegan pancakes are in the pan, shit WILL hit the fan
  2. They were too busy making oatmeal to notice the squall coming
  3. Then after the show china, India Africa and all the rest will be singing this to lol Greta
  4. We've been bitching about this shit for years. Another ranting teen ain't gonna change anything but it might make some people some money that # it
  5. What the fuck are Vegan Pancakes?
  6. Is Greta taking a train to Madrid?
  7. Maybe after the big climate event, she can high tail it over to the over fishing/ fishing in other countries zone and then to the get the trash and plastic out of the rivers campaign and then the polluted ground water march and then (which should keep her home for awhile)the Nordic toxic salmom and fish feed scandal...
  8. Teaching Jr. To fish for Sea Cucumbers
  9. I get vegan orders at my restaurant for the California carne asada super burrito . It's a rice and bean burrito ...with a side of global warming
  10. They still have a lot of cabbage, hummus ...and lots of methane gas... on board .. as they themselves contribute to global warming I wish they would just concentrate on sailing for climate meeting and stop pushing their dietary lifestyle . It's really becoming boring
  11. I think it's just great what they are doing .
  12. Not to get off topic but.. It looks like they'll have some good weather for the rest of their sailing (self righteous vegan) journey
  13. Veganburger/climate activist/ skip school on Friday to save the planet #trendymetoo
  14. Just gotta love vegans that eat fish because "it's OK to eat fish, because they don't have any feelings.. "
  15. I haven't read about 98% of this entire mostly worthless ranting thread
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