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  1. do any of these systems work for mainsails with a bolt rope or do they only work for sails with slugs?
  2. Which racks did you get? I have the same car and looking at racks (for the roof).
  3. yes but NASA paid for 90% of the engineering that Branson, Bezos and Musk are using for free.
  4. It describes you perfectly. It would be better if those of you complaining about it is being done either helped those who are doing it or at least stoped accusing them of intentional malfeasance.
  5. Firefly downvotes posts from people who whine incessantly about how everything should be done the way they want and complain that everything was better when they were younger but don't do anything to make things better other then complain about it on a web site. What's the matter LMI, ashamed to use your real login Wess?
  6. not really a sport boat but it looks like it is nearby. The owner made some major renovations that he documented on the now gone Yahoo group but they were done well, better than the original builder. https://sailingtexas.com/202101/sranger23115.html
  7. They would be @Rajinder @LMI and my favorite @TRUTHPUPPETHATESUALL and wessy is on the prowl again (Hi wessy)
  8. the down votes are from wessy's sock puppets. and I didn't think you or wessy were capable anyways
  9. because unlike you and wessy, I don't need to constantly hear my own voice to feel validated. There are several others who speak quite eloquently the views that I hold so there is rarely any need for me to add my voice to the cacophony. I speak when I feel I need to. Perhaps you and wessy should consider trying that approach.
  10. I have owned and raced a Fun23 for 15 years now. I love the boat but don't be confused by the looks, it's no sportboat but it does live on the sportier end of leadmine and is good in light air. Steam Flyer is correct that it comes with the baggage of a 40 year old mediocre build. There were less than 100 built in the US and I know a few have been sent to landfills for good reason. The hull is not cored but the deck is plywood cored so vigilance regarding leaks around fittings is important, I’ve been lucky that I’ve only had to re-core a 4 square inch spot. There is 1 ring frame under the
  11. You said I should be sanctioned and barred from racing for 2 years for using an intensity sail at the club level.
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