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  1. So-called "antiracism" is at the core of the Wokeism that has overtaken much of the federal government, our corporate boardrooms and our schools. Antiracists suggest that one can judge a policy as antiracist by whether such policy contributes to achieving "equity"—and a person as antiracist by whether he actively supports such policy. Get with the Woke program, in other words, or you are "Jim Eagle." In some ways, then, antiracism might be thought of more as a tactic to bully people into submission to racialist progressivism than it is a true philosophy or worldview. https://www.newsweek.com/a
  2. Too late to the party but I take none of these internet tests for fear of simple data mining. There is no anonymity nor privacy on the net.
  3. As usual ... sitting here wasting time in front of the computer and the window to the back yard, and a white pony flashed by followed closely by two teenaged girls. It's always something ...
  4. That reminds me ... I'm almost out of Viagra.
  5. Not since they elected Tom I wish blacks were still picking Cotton.
  6. That's funny but I'm with O. Many of us did crap jobs along the way. Her creds are better than some totally evil robot like McEnany from Harvard. She's brown, she's bilingual, and she makes more money than I do. I luff her.
  7. I found a photo of AJ on the internet:
  8. A swastika was found on Monday etched into the wall of a State Department elevator near the office of its special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism, according to a person familiar with the discovery and a picture obtained by Axios.
  9. I think the seriousness of the day's events and the general tone of Trump should have mandated a real police presence. This was a last ditch effort by Trump. Predictable AF.
  10. And if we do ... fire at will!
  11. Yuk yuk. You must have been watching something else because the House subpoena power was laughed at. I'm a pragmatist. This is good money after bad. We aren't even close to returning to normal. I don't share your and Sol's optimism. Sure wish I did. Edit: And only D's will watch. No RS. How does that help? I get you want an argument... Sorry. Try Jeff or Ricardo.
  12. Well in my day, we'd find a hitch- hiking sailor heading back to base. Before the freeways, there was just one road.
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