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  1. I still wonder it this has been gamed out by someone pretty smart.
  2. I previously thought it was just a joke but yesterday I had a chat with an unvaxxed who mentioned the vax was a Bill Gates' plan to reduce the population. Probably no connection but she was wearing not one but two crosses outside her clothing. Is the double cross a silent dog whistle?
  3. You can already see the push for more military spending and a new forever war to borrow more money in all of our names to redistribute it to the Best Americans. It’s those darn commies! Look for politicians talking about the Chinese Communist Party and then look at how much they get from the Military Industrial complex. Then tell them no, at the ballot box, if not by some other form of communication. I hunch that ship has sailed. I'd like to be wrong.
  4. 'fraid so. It was just dirty politics before Citizens United.
  5. Out of context dimwit. The actual context was global activity. So is this willful mischaracterization or just dementia? I've forgotten but do you just have two kinds of cancer or was it several? It was several IIRC. You may have been a thinker at one point, Cap, but you've dissolved into a virtue signaling old coot representing a tiny fraction of religious and social malcontents and their simplistic notions of good and evil.
  6. I'm glad you brought this up Mel, as you are one of the genuine small thinkers on the board: Your remark didn't even make it past your own first quoted sentence. Not even close. This is what shows you to be a cut and paste dunce. Here's another part of your dunciness: Speaking for all Americans, we don't want to waste food like this. We have ~6500 neighborhoods called "food deserts:" Areas of virtually zero real grocery stores and few resources to go get produce and other healthy what not. And limited funds to boot. This is a HUGE underserved market. We haven't expanded our bits of Social
  7. The Pompeos and Kushners and Trumpalos may think like that, and there's more of them than anyone thought but the other 300M average Jo(s) rarely even think about the rest of the world's needs. Instead, Jo simply looks around and says " Hell, first we need to take care of our own: homeless, soon to be homeless, the border issues homeless, pandemic-caused hospital crisis, the K-12 educational wasteland ill serving poor people, lack of national health care, the bad water in MI and doubtless elsewhere, the dwindling water resources out west, fighting o
  8. I'd be happy to if they gave discounts and sent them to my email. Watch this space.
  9. I bet we can all layup a glass footwell in a day now. And wash our hands with Acetone, goddammit!
  10. Bigly. But taking their children from them? ... sympathy isn't my middle name but wow. And consder the BP agents themselves. They're all originally from themselves a decade or a generation ago. They need the job. Ethics are great but they need the job.
  11. I wonder who was in on that from the beginning. Beside the BP, who were just "following orders."
  12. Yepper. It's being called willful ignorance but I don't think it's willful.
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