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  1. Of course mex has nothing to do with the bvi. But it wouldn’t be SA without a solid thread drift. love to get this back on track...
  2. I’m more bemused by my country’s rules. How is it safer for the US to allow people to enter via a ferry from Tortola->st thomas->us mainland than a plane? If you want virus security, have good security not porous half-assed security.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has actually gone through it. At the moment you have to: get travel insurance get negative test 5days before entry take another test upon arrival quarantine for 4 days take another test on day 4 wait for results of 4th day test then you can get off the boat... then take another test 72hrs prior to departure to the US...however if you are leaving from STT you don't need another negative test as you will not be flying in from another country. Trying to figure out how strict people are observing the on board quarant
  4. Trying to get a better handle on the practical logistics and what you can/can’t do these days. thanks
  5. The canadian entries didn't decide not to compete because Mac island would be off limits. It is tough for them to compete when the Canadian's have closed their border to all non-essential, and sailing is considered non-essential. So US boats that have Canadian residents as crew members have to find alternatives. The Canadians can't leave their country, it has absolutely nothing to do with the island itself.
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