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  1. My money's on the new boat being a trimaran. Oh, didn't even get to 'send' button when the subsequent message confirming this came in.
  2. I reckon this one will give you something to talk about. I feel like it's been perfectly crafted to wind you lot up. I really didn't want to watch the whole thing, but couldn't stop myself. Backstory: a Florida-based adventure charter operation was relocating to Puerto Rico and decided to deliver their two charter boats (Morgan 41s) and the owner's personal boat (a 1965 Chris Craft 35) in convoy, with the owner's 20-something son skippering the latter with a bunch of his friends as crew. This video is by one of the crew, who has never sailed before, but seems to be pretty good at cat
  3. But it was better than him turning up to find almost everyone had packed up and gone home, surely? I think part of the "show" was an effort on the part of the organisers to demonstrate that his finish was no less important/impressive than any of the others, and part of it was the staff blowing off steam after a long period of hard work. There was a real "end of term" vibe in the race village on Friday. It's been super interesting to have been able to witness it all firsthand, and I feel really lucky to have had that opportunity. Anyway, a few little observations from Friday: I'm sure
  4. Dame Naomi went eastabout. Dee Caffari was first woman to sail solo rtw westabout. Incidentally, my friend Ben Lowings has recently written a biography of David Lewis that I am very much looking forward to reading now that I will have time to rediscover books*. He managed to convince Dame Naomi to write the forward for it. There's an episode of the On the Wind podcast in which Ben is interviewed about the book. * perhaps...although hoping actual sailing may fill up much of void left by the VG finish.
  5. Oh wow, what a privilege to have known him! (I was 15 when he died, and had only set foot on a sailboat once at that point). His book is a great read and by luck rather than design the second hand copy I ordered off Abe Books was signed by him. I have an extensive collection of OSTAR books and a number have turned up signed, while other's I have gotten signed whenever possible.
  6. Thanks @stief. I think what he meant was that it made a big difference going from no weather data on the Mini Transat (apart from what they get by voice over the radio) to some weather data (by satellite comms) on the IMOCA, which is sort of obvious. I'm more interested in how the increase in both spatial and temporal resolution of global forecasts over the time that he, and all the other non-rookies, have been racing around the world have impacted their strategies. And then there is also the cheaper access to things like satellite images. I think this has helped make the budget campaigns more
  7. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/download/59797/ Here's the official amendment (or a correction of it). In any case I don't think he's crossed it either. Odd. Ah, they've just put the live streams up.
  8. Glad you liked my question, but think it's unfair to blame the translator here. I was told to wait for Romain to put on headphones so he could hear my question translated into French, but for some reason he declined, and then didn't really understand what I was asking (meanwhile I had Sam's parents sat next to me, whispering "Ruben can translate! Let Ruben translate!"). Happily the onstage interviewer (Antoine Grenapin) understood that Romain hadn't really answered my question and followed up. I actually enjoyed Ruben & friends' contributions and think that their questions were more i
  9. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but Fabrice's team was advertising for a new boat captain around the time of his retirement.
  10. Looks like she’s been out for sea trials today. Fingers crossed it went well and she’ll announce her imminent departure for Les Sables soon.
  11. My guess is that it's most likely Carol Kirkwood, or possibly Kirsty McCabe, both of whom are blonde, Scottish broadcast meteorologists in the UK. I used to work with both of them in the BBC Weather Centre, and can tell you that the two of them have forgotten more about weather forecasting (and presenting) than Andi can ever hope to learn (McCabe was an intern at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre before attending Oxford, for example). He could also just be poking fun at stereotypical ditzy blonde weather girls, but either way, not cool in my book.
  12. Looking for the 'turbo like' button. Would love to see a similar miracle happen in the anglosphere. Perhaps when I'm 71...roll on #VG2040!
  13. There seems to be a Magnetic Fields song for every occasion.
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