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  1. Is he in the box and buried yet?............just asking for a country that's bored of this shit.
  2. Warm beer that tastes like piss was always saved for US aircrew, especially pilots. Best description. "chunky watch, small cock, pays by check" As for the pussy, blame the grease monkey ground crew that finished 20 minutes before you got there.
  3. Those comedy classes were an expensive waste of money, get a refund.
  4. And you can have all of that without the Royal Family.
  5. He can't defend Trump any more, so this is his new hill to die on. Fuck him, I hope he and all his elk meet the same fate.
  6. Are they not issued in different colours? especially for dummies?
  7. Choking on the propaganda and bullshit
  8. mad


    That popped on CNN a few days ago.
  9. They all sound the same to me............ like Aussies and Kiwis (runs and ducks)
  10. Had a 3 month contract up there. Me, an Aussie and a South African...........we needed a translator.
  11. It probably is, but I don't go that far north. Its too cold and they speak a different language.
  12. Just get them round the right way.............warm beer and cold pussy is no fun.
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