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  1. https://www.business-live.co.uk/economic-development/west-england-mayoral-election-results-20554874
  2. Very convenient there happen to be elections going on at the same time…….
  3. Not sure this is true, any facts to back it up? Yes, there are certain criteria to meet, you can’t just turn up and move there.
  4. First vaccine shot on Monday this week, the Moderna version. No side effects apart from a dead arm for 24 hours.
  5. It’s the kph, it’s just not an instant conversion into knots for me.
  6. They’ve gone metric, its all in kph. I’m struggling with wind speeds in those units.
  7. He’s becoming more unhinged every year, that’s close to stalking and abusive.
  8. Well its 85% something, complete isn't really the word most would use.
  9. Wholly carp! A friend has a P7 - a very nice, historical, collector's piece. Interesting, but... it's a single stack in a world that's gone double stack for the additional round count. It has the clumsy mag release on the heel, demonstrably inferior to the much more accepted mag release button below the trigger guard. Plus, everyone seems to be going to red dot optics, which couldn't/ shouldn't be done to that collector's item. Time has passed the HK P7 by. I'm not convinced red dots are useful for a CCW self-defense pistol, but I'm becoming a voice in the wilderness.
  10. Fuck, is this what I’ve got to look forward to??
  11. Wondered how many posts it would take before you arrived with a recipe
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