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  1. So looks like Dalt's will be back in Auckland with his tail between his legs. The cup, as it should be, will be in NZ
  2. OK Valencia is out. What are the latest betting odds? Sorry haven't been paying too much attention since the cup https://www.sail-world.com/news/241613/Valencia-withdraws-bid-to-host-37th-Americas-Cup
  3. I dont know about that. The way they blew off the negotiations seems more like "we're done here" rather than a bargaining tactic. When $250 million or more may be in the cards from deep pockets elsewhere...
  4. Valencia has to be a very serious contender. Infrastructure already in place from previous cups, and they have access to $750 billion euro fund to "restore tourism" "The group behind Valencia's bid to host the 37th America's Cup believe they can access a €750 billion fund established by the European Union to assist member countries to recover from the economic effects of the COVID pandemic."
  5. "kiwis sails faster all the time but wider angles and more distance" WOW
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