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  1. Interesting. Looks a lot like RaceQs.
  2. Are any of you using any analytics software to download your GPS and video to in order to create polars, and aid in analysis?
  3. Big thanks to Dave for coming to Ottawa and letting a few of us try the UFO. His coaching with the headset was awesome. This is making me seriously reconsider my sailing priorities. You UFOers have yourselves a pretty sweet ride!
  4. I am so stoked to try one of these bad boys out! I should mount a gopro to make a good lowlight video of me eating $hit my first time out. :p
  5. I used to race an I14 named blue fOOted bOObie. The name was written in nipple font, so there were dots in the Os. When we upgraded I14s, the new one got named bOObie tOO. Though the Canadian fleet frequently refers to her as Implants since she's the boobie upgrade.
  6. Seconded. I used to sail with a guy whom had a bunch of drysuits. When out frostbiting in the I14, there were a lot of emergency get back to the dock events. We were on the steep part of the learning curve at the time, and this was 10 years ago, so maybe things have changed, but I would opt for a steamer wetsuit on the 14 any day of the week.
  7. Merde2's planning on bringing a UFO to Ottawa for the Skiff & Cat Grand Prix this weekend. I'm hoping to borrow it for a test drive for a few minutes. Any tips?
  8. +1 That thing looks like it slices through the water effortlessly!
  9. Impressive. 10 second max?
  10. @JimC - some impressive shots you have there! @Dave Clark - what do you mean by a 16 degree bow? As in measured by the angle that the sides come in together?
  11. Looking good. Why the double chine? Class rules?
  12. Hi Dave, How what was your board down set up from the seat? Piece of line from the top of the board to a block and to the end of the seat?
  13. Dave & Willy - glad to hear you guys are alright. Shame about the boats. Does anyone ever build lifting towers into the boat to lift the foils up once you're at speed? Or would this get in the way of the carriage's range of motion?
  14. Any pics of rigging layouts?
  15. So the PSI wasn't accurate enough?
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