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  1. Sorry for the FB link. I think you can view without logging in https://www.facebook.com/groups/1089901017723469/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=4655103417869860 Still from the video
  2. https://sailinganarchy.com/2021/09/28/98833/?fbclid=IwAR1qhD4x4NFt4XCBpQRjp1rnHD_yEVpXveoh90cbrndfGHj74L9ndDZK4tg https://northernlightcomposites.com/ Looks like it made it to completion
  3. I have always rolled mine and let the tension off the battens is storing for more than a week.
  4. How old is that? It looks like the same cloth and same issues as my old UK sails main and jib
  5. So my $1,000 NZD Tri-Radial jib has arrived from Far East Sails. Looks pretty dam good. Only thing I an not a fan of is the little plastic protectors around the hanks. They could be a bit nicer. Stiching is perfect. Will put it on the boat in the next few weeks and take it for a spin. Given the low price I am happy to take any of the downsides of Tri Radials. They will more than do the trick for a few Rum Races.
  6. Is Far East Sails the same as the boat company? I assume so but I read on another forum they might not be. I guess I can be the Guinue pig then. I only need something for Rum Racing so happy with a $1000NZD sail delivered. I will update here once they arrive. My local sailmaker said not to bother getting him to make something as for my purposes I just need something cheap. When I get a mainsail done I will be going with my local guy or I also heard UK sails in Auckland is worth talking to. Especially for sports boat sails.
  7. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the topic. Some of us were hoping the very experienced sailmakers on this forum could contribute to the discussion.
  8. I had seen a few comments about them on here but couldn't actually find someone who had one of their sails. If there is someone on here who does have a sail from Far East Sails I would be interested to hear from them.
  9. On the topic of TRI Radial. I'm looking at getting a Jib made for my 27 foot sports boat. They seem like such good value for money ($1200 NZD delivered from Far East Sails Hong Kong) and we are only mucking about in Rum Races. Attached an image of what the sail maker is proposing. Looks like too many panels in my mind for a sail with 8.8m luff, 7.75m leach, 3.25m foot. Any opinions welcome. Tack is reasonably high due to mostly reaching harbour course and jib blocks are probably to far aft (boat was a prototype). Cloth is Dimension Polyant PX-15 Is there anything else I should
  10. Nice. I ride past on my bike every day going to work. Its been cool to see the progress you are making. Its really looking good.
  11. That second race on the TV looked terrible but out on the water it was so much easier to see the shifts. All the sailors onboard our boat saw when LR was at the bottom of the upwind leg that the top of the course had glassed off. There a huge flags on yachts all around the course and the one up by the top gate had just dropped completely. We knew that if LR tried to go through the gate they were going to drop off the foils. We concluded while they were halfway up the beat the should reach back and forward on the left side of the course to stay on the foils and wait for the breeze to fill.
  12. More competition in Auckland and the way the fuel tax is collected isn't actually regional. Although it seems like in the last few months the petrol companies have started minimising the price difference between regions. Looking today there seems to be only a 15c different between my local petrol station in Wellington and one in Napier that is normally the cheapest.
  13. Petrol is still much cheaper in Auckland than Wellington. I have taken to using the Z shartank app to buy fuel in Napier (about $1.7) and collect it in Wellington where its over $2.10. Big savings using that app
  14. How much a litre? We are bringing 90L of jerry cans + a full tank. Although we will burn through that pretty quickly.
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