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  1. You read it here first as reported in the local Mahurangi Matters facebook page. Venue and date decided.
  2. It wasnt a kids regatta. It was Nationals. Open to all comers. Thats the point. Im personally happy to celebrate the 16 yo Coutts that got third. What a remarkable achievement.
  3. How the fuck would you know what nz people care about.
  4. Oh bollocks. He’s proven time and time again that a commercially funded team is possibly. Just that a small amount of that comes from nz Govners. Call it 100 mill for AC36 and how much exactly was not commercially sourced?
  5. yep lucky for Ben it’s only a weekend gig
  6. Exactly Weta. People on here ecstatic we won the cup, but bitching about how GD managed it. some pricks can’t even enjoy the moment. see ya next cup.
  7. Oh fuck off you prissy bitch. you know how the funding works. Every cup cycle is an end of contract cycle. Same for employees, sponsors, suppliers. if your sick of it, go support someone else.
  8. No it isn’t. TNZ hated the boat. Why would they sign up for that. It was a beach cat. Fact is ALL the Teams fuckin loved the AC 75.
  9. At least it’s not beach cats. I can’t see this rule applying if someone else won and wanted to change the class. were there any rules around keeping 12’s or IACC around for so long?
  10. Of course we know. They were tapped out on speed and handling and lost every race.
  11. Dude you need to take a few days off. They won on Wednesday. Today’s Friday. They need a few days to, you know, discuss shit.
  12. I just drove past RNZYS. Looking resplendent with flags and umbrellas and the Commodores black X5 parking in the commodores parking slot.
  13. The boat that never won a single race? go rain on someone else’s parade.
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