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  1. JonRowe

    hugo boss already for sale?

    If I remember ATR's contract with Hugo Boss runs out after the next RdR? So the boat may be for sale / charter after that in the eventuality Alex can't extend the contract or find a new sponsor. If they manage that surely they'd go new boat to capitalise on any advances...
  2. Campbell Field is running a webinar series in the run up, worth a watch if you're an expedition user and want a bit of a nav refresher for the new course, he's a good presenter and very knowledgable, I did a bunch of his webinars last year to keep skills sharp during the first covid pass Edit: The link is if you are curious
  3. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The speed of light is not a constant, it varies by medium and can be slowed down and sped up by changing said medium and other such trickery. Which actually turns out to be a good analogy here, there are laws of physics (cavitation) governing the speed at which they can sail at, to go faster would require trickery, such as super cavitating foils to work around around that physical law and more importantly develop foils which can transition from one to the other. The world speed record is 65 knots and the holder, Paul Larsen, spoke about it on Bar Karate (I think) and how its only possible to go faster if we work out that transition tech, if ETNZ have nailed that? Well then. They should be able to get more than just the cup
  4. JonRowe

    Boats and foils comparison

    If ETNZ had wanted to they could have flogged off their simulator to the other teams this go around, they didn't because its one of their proprietary advances. (You could argue that LR has the same base simulator and so as a pair, COR/D, they didn't want to give up their advantage). I like the idea of keeping the AC75, and allowing teams to purchase old boats bypassing the constructed in country rule. (e.g. you can buy anyones boat, but if you build the rule still applies). If the teams can agree to a multi cycle deal (oh the irony), that would encourage teams to buy boats to develop talent for future cup efforts (knowing that this generation of boat likely wouldn't win against the next generation of boat).
  5. Ah it's a Kiwi! The eye is centred over the mast so they have somewhere to mount the laser.
  6. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Question for the rules bods amongst us, sails have to be stored on deck right? But. Team NZ have those pods for their cockpit, is the floor inside those pods deck? Could a furled code zero be snaked up and down one of the pod, sure it'd be in the way of the grinders, but it wouldn't have any extra drag over the pod already...
  7. I'd be trying to hook the bot up to the chase boat they train against, using the simulator to "limit it" and thus do two boat testing without two boats :p
  8. JonRowe

    Mozzy Jumper

    Evidently Allen need to step up their game in the jumper department
  9. JonRowe

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    I read that later sentence as "10 cities including Alicante and Genoa"
  10. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Its just a swirl of colours, any resemblance to Alinghi is coincidence
  11. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Nonsense, it's just inspired by Pistol Petes favourite spy films.
  12. JonRowe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    This just in from ETNZ, sailing team banned from ordering pizza on deliveroo
  13. JonRowe

    Boats and foils comparison

    The flaps are obviously made from number 8 wire
  14. JonRowe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    After that meeting one hears that Max found Jimmy's big bag of sand and threw it over
  15. JonRowe

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    My chase boat guess: 2 ETNZ chase boats with the masts, 3 challenger chase boats in a group, one media / tourist