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  1. RNZYS has done something similar, NYYC is a US "Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation", CVS is a "Amateur Sports Association" with a vat and tax code. So in short, they all have a legal entity behind them of some form. RYS is not unusual.
  2. Pete is thinking "is this a setup? at least its not camo"
  3. Dylan has development class experience, he's a Mothie as well as a 49er sailor, and is the current UK Moth champion.
  4. If you check the RNYZS page you'll see them listed as RNYZS Inc, and their clubhouse (or at least the land) is owned by Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Nominees Ltd (as in the nominated holding company for the asset). All of which is public record. I'd imagine if the US has similar tools you'll find the various NYYC properties are owned by holding companies.
  5. I'm afraid "Yacht Club" is not a registered legal status in the UK, you need a registered legal entity to hold assets, like say, a rather large castle in cowes, or get a bank account to fund, say, an AC campaign. They could be a charity, but that holds a heap of legislation around what you can or can't do. Thus you instead register a company. If it helps ease your mind, the registered name is now ROYAL YACHT SQUADRON LTD
  6. Another problem with the strict nationality rule is it locks out new teams from experienced nations. A new team from a nation with cup history, say a second American team, or a French team can now only pick from their home nation, and cannot pick up experienced cup sailors to help, even a team with recent cup history like say, Artemis, would struggle to find enough experienced sailors. Its basically a locked in advantage for the four teams from this last cup.
  7. It is a complicated cost comparison, do you factor in the development of the soft wing? Because then the F50 should factor in the original cost of the development of the hard wing. If you just compare material costs I wouldn't count out the F50 rig costing more, it has more elements and carbon structure than the soft wing. As a fair comparison it probably should be material cost and running costs, excluding the design costs. In which case you have to count in the fact that the AC75 has capsized without a complete rebuild of the rig, where as the capsizes in the cats cost a lot more for a rebui
  8. IIRC the bows were also the bit manufactured in country for the AC
  9. The AC75 (would probably have to be the F75 or the GP75 mind ) is too big, it needs to be containerable for the travelling circus, thats the advantage the cats have, they come apart
  10. I'm not sure how that escape hatch will be rule compliant if its under the gantry. Joel the measurer likes to get skippers to demonstrate the required life raft removal in 30 seconds...
  11. Not disputing that Jim is a great backer for Ben and Co, as he has the money and the nationalistic pride required to fund an AC team. Just saying he's not the only one with the cash, Dyson for example was higher on the times "rich list" in 2020.
  12. Thats a false assumption. Across the world in many countries, there are many billionaires who could write the cheques to fund an AC team, but only a select few feel the competitive need to...
  13. US is unique, as far as I know, in requiring citizens to do this for their life time, but a lot of countries have the tax residency concept, where you are required to file a tax return in that country if you live there or have other controlling interests for a period of months in a year. Its more complicated that that, countries can and do tax foreign income, so any country where tax is due will tax you, and other countries will, if they have a dual taxation treaty (US and Europe do), give you a credit for that tax due in the non resident countries. So you will always
  14. I mean the last time a one and one AC match happened was 2010. Thats at least a 100 years in corona time.
  15. According to the Greenbird webpage, the current ice boat record is only 84mph, and they are confident there adapted "boat" can beat that.
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