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  1. Lets face it, first monohull to finish, the Ultimes and MOD70s should be first unless its an absolute boat breaker.
  2. Not sure it's been posted here yet? Benjamin Dutreux is the new owner of the ex-boss 11th Hour Racing? https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/benjamin-dutreux-s-project-evolves-with-the-purchase-of-the-imoca-11th-hour-racing-ex-hugo-boss-2016-
  3. Or possibly Italy, his wife is Italian, he lives in Italy, its possible he has the passport already (UK allows dual citizenship) but no one so far knows if he does or not.
  4. Love how the article gets the city wrong
  5. I'm not sure if the conditions are just more choppy than they seem, but its a lot bouncier than a real mini.
  6. Isn't that what they were originally built for? They came out of the ashes of the ORMA class to try to create a one design circuit and there wasn't the sponsors around to make it work for very long so thats why there aren't any new ones, just turbo'd versions of the old ones?
  7. This thread is about the 3300 which is a different boat, here is the 3300: https://www.jeanneau.com/en-gb/boats/sailboat/1-sun-fast/640-sun-fast-3300/ And here is the 3200: https://www.jeanneau.com/en-gb/boats/sailboat/1-sun-fast/45-sun-fast-3200/
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of giant trimarans, but they are out and out racing machines. This is not, its a super yacht, it'll get some records, but can also do those med regattas where you can steer and take your guests along, throw some cushions around the cockpit you can even sit down next to the dock! Reaching strut to sheet out the headsails.
  9. That neither are a 3300. (The 3200 R2 is a "V2" of the 3200 with a different mast keel and slightly different cockpit).
  10. Fair. I hadn't considered they would be taking press photos before getting the rig dialled in.
  11. I still think it looks "in proportion" for its size personally, some interesting wrinkles in those sails, tension issues? Its not just the main that furling storm / genoa stay sail has them too.
  12. Speaking of Ultimes, The MOD 70 Powerplay managed to beat IDEC and Actual for the line honours in the "Round The Island" (round Isle of Wight) race, I guess for an Ultime this is "short course" racing and not their forte?
  13. I know you are skewed to one side of the debate (and I respect your opinion on that) but I'm pretty sure the deal was the "fee" to host the event, the team could spend the cash however they liked, if the government was putting strings on that funding to say "this is only for the event not any design etc" then that would certainly have been a good reason to reject the deal (obviously services are services, they are only useful for what they are offered as).
  14. They state "July" here: https://www.11thhourracingteam.org/about/the-boats/imoca-60-11-2/ There are some videos with 3D renderings and the boat being constructed at CDK in the background, with some stuff about carbon vs flax etc but I don't recall seeing a 3D render of the outside worthy of yellow lines.
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