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  1. What's the source? (sorry, I haven't really been following so far) "no personal issues" - maybe a little lost in translation? Or is there a chance the arguments after the start heated up?
  2. Just nuke it like you did with all the other pacific islands, will ya?
  3. Race 2, second upwind. LR much quicker out of the tacks as they already did against ITUK. Could be the decider if they manage to get even starts.
  4. has the main control box been discussed already? https://www.facebook.com/AmericasCup/photos/pcb.2929689700642815/2929689647309487
  5. While typing this I remembered talking to my then girlfriend (she later got a PhD in Psychology) about the Vendee Globe (08/09, the first one I followed) and one of her first questions was "so they anchor at night while they sleep?" Needless to say, she's my Ex.
  6. Last bit I heard from Boris was the guess that his (two) sails blocked his radar and the fishing vessel was exactly in the radar shadow. But the boat is on the way back to Lorient and his team will look into the data logs. --- He just appeared at "das aktuelle Sportstudio", the arguably biggest sports show in German TV, and met the questions of a clueless moderator ("so while you sleep, the autopilot is steering the boat..."; "when you climbed the mast, the boat is stopped, right?"; Boris: "top speed in VG around 35 kn, but I did 45 kn on other boats already" - mod: "but that was on
  7. If you can do without the video, it might be easier to listen to via Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/20aodsYfIEBF56W15oKSlX?si=8-L0VwvmQl-QR15fw8eyIQ
  8. I'm personally not interested in the AIS story and as far as I understand, neither are Boris or the fishermen. Anyway, the German press picks it up to have a chunky sailing story (otherwise no one would give a shit about a sailing article) https://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/boris-herrmann-vendee-globe-regatta-fischlutter-1.5190868 And pics of the HERMANOS BUSTO https://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/boris-herrmann-vendee-globe-regatta-fischkutter-1.5190843 Including this one of their AIS Older articles - both including nothing new afaict, paywalled (let me know
  9. Merci bien! I listened to the live en passant (while doing the dishes) and certainly missed some parts, and I find JLC quite hard to understand. OTOH, I'm quite happy how my comprehension of French has improved over the course of the course au large. Et pour les informations restantes, toutes les traductions etc., merci a tous les francais de SA! C'etait un plaisir!
  10. Sorry, I'm lost in translation. What does he mean by con? That Charlie was taken the win away? And the twitter quote? Could someone elaborate who heard it first hand?
  11. Interview with the captain of HERMANOS BUSTO, done via sat phone, by a credible German newspaper. He claims that they had their AIS on all the time. I'm not an expert on AIS but since someone here on the forum found the ship so quickly on marinetraffic, doesn't that support the notion they had AIS on? https://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/boris-herrmann-vendee-globe-regatta-fischerboot-1.5189198
  12. sorry if it has been mentioned before, but the live coverage of the finishes is a joke... some shots of the boat, a french VG guy talking with Andis voice on top, no idea where the line is... and shortly after the cross, they're cutting off
  13. Damage is on the port foil, not starboard, according to the early reports in the German TV livestream
  14. the commentators in the livestream said: "rammed" (literaly) a fishing boat, port foil damaged, Boris ok, tries to get to the finish. But a few minutes later, they are reluctant to speculate since they don't have any official info from the team. But sounded like they got a whatsapp - probably directly from Boris. In the EN live a couple of days ago, they were joking how active Boris still is in the whatsapp groups. https://www.ndr.de/sport/mehr_sport/Nacht-der-Entscheidung-Vendee-Globe-jetzt-live,segeln1178.html
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