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  1. Sad to think the last Australian challenge was that long ago. That LV series is up there with Valencia for me.
  2. What continuation pay check?Emirates are gone if anyone thinks they are going to continue support do not understand to global situation. I'm actually struggling to see how Team Dalton can raise in money in 2021. No fan base if they leave shore. And definitely no Government subsidy those days are over.
  3. I just don't understand what is the point of winning the cup again for New Zealand? If it is not going to come back pass it on.
  4. Yes Aunty Jacinda I have told Emirates Team how I feel in every avenue I could find. Hmm the visitor posts part of there Facebook page doesn't seem to be working at the moment....
  5. Okay if that's how they want to do things all good RIP Team New Zealand, Kiwi Magic, Black Magic, Aotearoa. 1986-2021 You have lost the right to the New Zealand name.
  6. Does anyone know who got the top speed overall for the last cycle? I noticed they stopped posting top speeds for the day on social media before the match.
  7. Ernesto Bertarell "The AC75s have shown their full potential. We look forward to hearing about the plans for the future of the America's Cup, and we really hope it will be a growing event that brings together teams from all over the world."
  8. Tuke has been on morning TV he doesn't know anything hasn't seen anyone since Wednesday. "might go down today and see what's happening"
  9. I think it's legend and history that do it you are surrounded by it in Auckland you see the sea some part of each day. When your young "I could go out and sail away do anything take on the world" Peter Blake made a boat out of corrigated iron and started sailing as a child off Bayswater with this attitude. You go for a walk and the water features at some point you go to a bar downtown water old boats etc KZ-1 is always looming over you showing kiwis taking on the big Americans. Most have a relitive that had some sort of a hand in sailing then push it onto there boy/girl That sort of thing I th
  10. Sovereign in 1964 was the last British Challenge to lose the match. Royal Thames Yacht Club.
  11. I've only thought about this recently that investment from China for the youth AC got sweet f all out of there money except sponsorship on ETNZ mainsail this begs the question did China get compensation? Was there money given back? Did they get Te Aihe for the next event?
  12. This won't let me upload the photo but when ETNZ crossed the line we all got a can of Steinlager saying "America's Cup 36 Winner" at a bar in Christchurch yesterday.
  13. More time on the water with commentary crew of two. (Example Chris Law And PJM in 2000) Less time in the Viaduct with people who have never been in a boat talking to others that have not been in a boat. Dream team PJ Montgomery and Nathan Outridge on North Star. Studio host Jono Mcbeath. With Peter Lester, Dean Barker, and guest apperences.
  14. Rumour CSS to take place in the UK the match NZ.
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