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  1. How do you propose reducing sail when it’s blowing 35 off of Brooks Peninsula?
  2. Russell - I agree that Canada won’t be opening up anytime soon and based on the comments of BC’s Premier and various health officials there is no hurry to do so. Add to that our First Nations people definitely not wanting to be exposed and shutting down their territories I would expect they will not permit visitors for quite some time and rightly so. Factor in social distancing requirements for quite sometime Multihuler’s idea is ill advised to put it politely.
  3. Understood! I believe all the connection points where the beams attach are susceptible to damage, I’ve seen pictures of this happening. Also, the rudder lock system in MK 1 was terrible, we modified ours and made the cheeks stiffer to eliminate flex. This are the basic things I would look at if you are going race hard. The other improvements were strictly performance based and were definitely worth it.
  4. Year 3, 2017. TBH there is no way we could have held the lead unless it was going to turn into a downwind race, even then It would have just prolonged the inevitable. As they say shit happens especially in a race like the R2AK.
  5. Do over? Not sure I’m clear what you are asking. All the mods we did structurally and for performance worked great. We reinforced all the beam attachment points, made the beams stiffer and added a horizontal fin on the rudder to help reduce pitching. For performance we had a canting rig, got rid of the centerboard and put in a daggerboard, big bowsprit and a masthead spinnaker.
  6. I can tell you that we pulled the plug in Nanaimo.
  7. Yes we did it doublehanded, packed light, lots of structural mods. Boat was fast, for a couple of non boat related reasons we retired. We were leading at the time btw.
  8. 40Plus

    R2AK 2020

    Yup, everyone that is intending to do the R2AK (as well as other races like Vic Maui) has put in a lot of time and resources. Nothing anyone of us can do about it, Just keep preparing and worse case is we will all be in good shape for next year.
  9. Gspot - regarding Dragon in the R2AK, We were beam reaching in 25-30 knots with significant waves on the beam and from straight ahead. Due to the fact we were punching directly into the oncoming waves we needed to reduce our boat speed to preserve the boat so we quickly reefed. As the conditions deteriorated and once past Price Island we dropped the main and were able to bear away and sail safely with just the J3.....until the logs! As an FYI we use Mustang’s EP38 with manual inflation and their EP 6.5 drysuits, awesome products.
  10. Originally 4 boats entered, it was doublehanded or singlehanded. Very difficult to get enough minis together in N.A. what with the small numbers and being based so far apart, but it was worth the effort to gauge the interest and to try to gain some interest.
  11. That’s a damn good reason, nothing more important than that.
  12. Taniwha - F-32 SRC in Larry Tuttles shop I believe, getting some ama Mods.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I hope the insurance request goes smoothly for you and you are back out on the water soon.
  14. Any updates? Curious to know how things are going.
  15. 40Plus

    R2AK 2020

    Initially I thought that eliminating the waypoint in Seymour Narrows was a good idea for the reasons already mentioned in this thread. However, the requirements that are now mandated if you want to go on the outside eliminates many possible entries that would want to chose the outside option if the conditions made sense. I think they really messed up with this change if for no other reason it has taken away the simplicity of the R2AK.
  16. That was a bumpy first leg for everyone, quite challenging with the sea state and the wind up and down for the first part of the leg. We Struggled for the first 90 mins as we couldn’t get in sync with the wind speed and headsail choice. Eventually got it together and had a great sail for the last half of the leg. Shout out to the smaller entries who were out there, humbling. Duncan - TPSR
  17. Randy - we weigh 1400kgs with sails and safety gear. Heading to PT this morning, looking forward to the pre race festivities this weekend. If the forecast holds for Monday we should have breeze.
  18. “ I won't be surprised if we see the Angry Beaver on top.” Nothing like an Angry Beaver on top
  19. Wtf, you and your holiday mode, I will give you a pass on this one as I assume english is your second language by the way you misunderstood things. I simply agreed with Multihuler, you need to take in the experience, the challenge and beauty of doing the R2AK weather you win or lose. Everyone does this race for their own reasons and for most it’s simply the challenge of finishing, if you don’t get that then you don’t get What the R2AK is all about. And so what, a Melges 32 beat a couple of multis that are actually slower than than the Melges, good for them. Maybe you need
  20. We have less sail area than they do, upwind and downwind, Dragon has a conservative mast height. Sailing around here, especially Johnstone Strait and North, it’s going to be a lumpy sea state when there is breeze. Since the typical race has lot of upwind work it’s going to be a challenge to stay in touch with them unless we get some conditions that help us. Regardless, our objective is to sail hard and to push ourselves and of course finish.
  21. I don’t think we are the favourite, the Schock 40 is super quick with some very good sailors on-board (one or two pros). Definitely quicker than Dragon upwind in light/medium air. Downwind we will be comparable I think.
  22. In my opinion this is the boat to beat, very quick upwind and no slouch downwind, with six onboard they will be able to go hard for the duration. Reminds me of Jungle Kitty for 2016.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/Team-Pear-Shaped-Racing-602588409906850/inbox/?mailbox_id=602588409906850&selected_item_id=1246950065470678
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